Sun Catcher

Sun Catcher

The ’80s is back, baby! I went to Sanarae to get this Sun Catcher outfit from Amitomo. A billion plays later, I won everything from this gacha machine. The overalls comes with a HUD to change the color/texture of the t-shirt.

I’m walking around to see some soon-to-be released Bellisseria sims. I sold the mainland beach so I could get another Linden Home without upgrading my tier. I think I want a home on a mountain… which isn’t usually my style, but at least it’s different!

I met a friend recently on Bellisseria that wanted a sunset view. I too want a natural sunset view (homes on sims on the West side) but it’s nearly impossible to get, so the next best thing is to MOVE THE SUN.


If you’re lucky enough to get any type of waterfront views, keep it. Then just play around with the Sun/Moon position and East Angle sliders until you get the view of your virtual dreams.

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