This Chu-ing Academy top is a little boxy around the shoulders, but I got the entire outfit on Marketplace for less than $100L. It’s a cute enough style, even if Chu-ing can be a hit or miss brand. I never buy any outfits with built-in hands (so weird!), and Chu-ing is one of several brands that tends to do it.

Truth just released the Vanish hairstyle and it comes with built-in hair base, size options, and style options. Hair brands that anticipate the needs of the customers by offering options will always thrive. I find it so infuriating to find a hairstyle that I like, but it doesn’t fit me no matter what I do to my head size (can’t do anything to the hair, since it’s no mod and rigged).


What I’m Wearing:

  • Truth – Vanish
  • CHU-ING – Academy (2nd grade) A7, B7
  • Ingenue – Kiko Heels

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