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Ashton Village, Bellisseria

Ashton Village
My neighbor’s house! The best landscaper on the entire street!

Welcome to Ashton Village! I’m a Bellisseria addict enthusiast, anxiously waiting for new regions to go live. I’ve recently added the Bellisseria category to my blog, so you can follow my Bellisseria adventures.

I have acquired and abandoned many Bellisseria homes, when they’re not to my liking for random reasons: too many hedges, being wedged between homes, crooked paths, too close to trees, too many trees, splotchy terrain, etc. The list is pretty hilariously picky. I can afford to be picky on my alt’s house, cos my April 15th home is a beachy lil’ waterfront cottage that I won’t leave! Even though homes are difficult to get, they’re increasingly becoming more abundant! I am usually at work when that the lab launches regions, but it’s not too hard to score an abandoned home. I was so lucky today that I happened to check my phone at the exact time that the region launched.

Ashton Village

When Ashton Village was still an unnamed mountain region, I coveted a corner home on the mountain. I love the terrain, the elevation, the windy roads, and the sunrise/sunset views above the entire continent! This region is truly a gem in a sea of cookie-cutter grassy regions. I wish I had even more premium accounts to get a home on each type of terrain!

Ashton Village
Ashton Village
My mountain home!

Ashton Village is an elevated village, perfect for Autumn/Winter and other seasonal decor. I am so disappointed that my neighbors laid down grass prims and decided to decorate against the terrain, instead of appreciating its beauty and decorating for it. It’s not difficult to get the terrain type of your desire, you just have to abandon and re-roll. I have never abandoned a beach home, but I have abandoned tons of homes on very green grass regions. They’re in abundance! Don’t cover your plot with prims, just move. You don’t have to hold onto your plot for dear life, LOL.

Ashton Village

Do you have a house on Bellisseria? Do you want one? What is your favorite terrain type? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Liv Zerundi

    Lovely post Gogo! Congrats on your house in Ashton Village!
    I grabbed one there too yesterday, but abandoned it when I saw people putting grass prims down. Slightly regretting it after seeing your pics, but I also enjoy being in “the game”.

    • gogo

      Me too! I like seeing what random homes LL gives me, but I may keep Ashton Village for a bit cos it’s unique.

  2. Old Jade

    I luckily got a home on your neighbor sim and love it, but I have begun to suspect that Linden Lab leaves the green grass terrain textures in winter and never changes them. If so, maybe we need to cover the ground with winter withered grass. 🙁

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