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Bakes on Mesh / BoM, part 2

Bakes on Mesh is live on the main grid! Before you read my post, I recommend reading Aems Bakes on Mesh post to learn about BoM and what products you can buy to make your mesh body parts BoM-ready.

I only started using BoM yesterday, when I updated my viewer to the latest SL Viewer. I’m not dying to wear system skin or system makeup, cos I think the newer skins are much prettier and more high-res. Old skins and makeups typically used 512 size textures, cos SL limited the size of uploaded textures. It’s still fun to try out this new feature while waiting for brands to update and deliver me better quality textures to wear.

Bakes on Mesh Genus
Genus Mesh Head + System skins

What am I wearing here?
Left: Genus Baby mesh head + system Pink Fuel skin + default Genus lashes (with applier added)
Right: Everything above + system Blush + System Eyeshadow + Applier lipstick

The reason I can mix system skin and system makeup with my mesh head appliers right now is cos Genus has NOT updated their head to be BoM-ready. With a BoM-ready product, you should not be able to use applier makeup, cos all those extra layers will be removed. All of your makeup needs will be done through wearing layers inside your inventory. You can re-arrange your system tattoo layers by going to the Appearance tab, clicking on the Edit this outfit button, then use up/down arrows to re-arrange layers.

Bakes on Mesh Genus
What it looks like when I’m wearing all of my layers plus mesh head

Did you know that you cannot use BoM with an applier skin? You must use system skin. I will wait for my applier skin to have an accompanying system layer, to truly enjoy BoM. I’m not sure why SLers want to wear OLD system skins, but they seem to want to, LOL.

Bakes on Mesh SLink
New SLink Redux Mesh Body + Genus Mesh Head (Applier skin)

I’m actually writing this post to show you the new SLink Redux Mesh Body, free update available through the re-delivery terminal in-store. I wore the body and tried on some tattoo layers and system clothes. I will not go back to wearing system clothes, but I just wanted to show you guys that it works. SLink is BoM-ready. The new SLink Redux body is a single attachment that includes the body+hands+feet. I had fitting issues with the fingers and toes cos my skin is old system skin. There’s a temp fix for this by wearing tintable fingers and toes layers (provided by SLink), but I would prefer to wait for an actual update that fits from my skin’s brand.

Bakes on Mesh Maitreya
Maitreya Mesh Body + Genus Mesh Head (System Skin)

For fun, I decided to show you guys some BoM system layers on the Maitreya Mesh body too! Thanks to my Juicy for sending me these old system clothes, cos I deleted all of mine from inventory! Yes, you can have BoM on your mesh body parts, just read Aems Bakes on Mesh post! She taught me how to do it, so I’m confident you can follow her guide to make yours Bom-ready too.

Have you tried BoM? Will you go back to wearing old system skins and tattoos? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

What I’m Wearing:

  • Exile – Audrey, Lily
  • cheLLe – tattoo & makeup layers
  • Really old system clothes, the store is no longer in-world
  • SLink Redux mesh body, Maitreya mesh body, Genus mesh head, Pink Fuel system & applier skin

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  1. LittleBlackLamb

    I did system clothing before i started to created mehs. I always enjoyed it. What made me stop was that people acted like creating Layer cloth was no work anymore. But had a lot of fun doing so. There are a few stores i am waiting for to create their layer work again. And why i would go back to system skins ? CURIO. Her skins were EPIC.

  2. Blaise Glendevon

    I’m probably going to keep using onion skin bodies with the Omega BOM HUD for the time being. I can still think of plenty of uses for appliers, until everyone gets their BOM finger and toe layers together

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