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Bakes On Mesh

Bakes On Mesh

Didn’t I warn that Bakes On Mesh was coming? I did. I said this was going to force mesh head makers to revert their UV maps back to standard SLUV, too, because everyone is going to start using standard skins more and more now. If you are a mesh head developer and your heads don’t adhere to standard SLUV, get on it. You will lose money eventually because customers are going to want to wear whatever skin they want with whatever head they buy.

So, what the hell is Bakes On Mesh?

Bakes on Mesh (yes, plural, according to this SL wiki page) is a new feature in Second Life that automatically “bakes” your standard skins and tattoo layers to your mesh bodies and heads. Whenever you switch skins or wear different layers of tattoos on your body, your mesh will automatically update your look without you having to do anything.

Over time, there will be less and less dependency on applier routers like Omega, because now Second Life’s system is the applier. However, you’ll want to check with your mesh body maker to be sure their body is BoM ready. If it isn’t, they should be updating soon.

Only certain SL clients can render Bakes On Mesh, too. If you want to be absolutely sure you can see the new feature, head over here to download the official Second Life client.

How do I get Bakes On Mesh to work with my current body when it isn’t updated for the new feature yet?

Easy! I’ve got the hookup.

  1. Make sure you’re using a BoM-ready viewer, such as the official Second Life one.
  2. Visit the Omega store and pick up a relay or installer for your mesh head/body, if you don’t have that yet.
  3. Pick up a Bakes On Mesh skin applier, such as this one.
  4. Wear the Bakes On Mesh skin applier. If your body works with an Omega relay, wear the relay at the same time. If Omega just needed installing on your head, then install it.
  5. Remove any alphas you’re wearing (except for eyes–I noticed this doesn’t cover that). When the BoM skin applies, you’ll automatically be alpha’d so don’t worry.
  6. Click the Bakes On Mesh applier. It should cover your body with a temporary texture.
  7. Wear whatever skin and tattoos you want. Your body will automatically update each time you wear or take off something.

And that’s it!

Tattoos are back, baby.

Tattoos were magical when they first came out. Makeup brands were popping up all over the place and people were experimenting with tat layers like crazy. I was one of those original brands (a.e.meth!); Chelle was another (Gogo started her own, and then she eventually invited me over to design with her). Cheap Makeup was another makeup OG, MONS was another. I remember a whimsical festival we all held on an island to display our work and celebrate makeup as a medium once. Maybe those days can come back again now.

So what is so great about tattoo layers, you ask? Well, there’s the fact you can apply up to sixty-two layers on your body. That means if you wear customized makeup, you can create unique looks on the fly. You can blog makeup tutorials, not dissimilar from rl beauty gurus on Youtube. You can show unique combinations to others, or keep them a secret for yourself. You can get so good at combining various types of makeup tattoos that people will want you to pose for their cosmetic brands. Ultimate customization means endless play, and more opportunities for different players to showcase their talent.

Makeup devs: start making custom parts!

If you are a makeup creator, now is the time to diversify the types of packs you offer! Some customers will still want a grab-and-go palette of eyeshadow and eyeliner, but don’t stop there. Offer special tat layers where it’s just glitter or a special sheen effect, letting people change the dimension of the makeup they already have! Sell eyeshadow and lipstick that only covers part of the face, while other tattoos in your makeup pack cover another. People will be able to mix and match, giving your brand a higher value over others.

I hope everyone enjoys this update! Chelle sells tons of makeup tattoos that let you play with different looks, some I’m wearing in this photo. I’m proud of what we’ve made in the past, and now we can rev up to make more cosmetics moving forward.

Do you like tattoos in SL? Do you use them a lot? How do you feel about Bakes On Mesh? Let me know in the comments!

What I’m Wearing:
Stealthic – Willow hair
konpeitou – Rose Moon – 3 lady collar
Maxi Gossamer – Widdershins Earrings
Wiccas Wardrobe – Joyce Corset

Makeup, listed from bottom to top layer:

cheLLe – Moon Dust
cheLLe – Dramatic Shadows
[ a.e.meth ] – Cheetah Liner + Eyeshadow
cheLLe – Undereye Shadows
Pink Fuel – Elsie Lipgloss (Blush Pink)
cheLLe – Songstress TelAviv (lyrics)

Song: Slayyyter – Mine (Umru Remix)

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  1. Ranae Quinn

    Finally something that might stop people from using the never updated, barely supported, vastly outdated maitreya body. Or might actually force her to get off her butt and update

    • Cake

      Amen! Thankfully, the workaround I listed also works on Maitreya. I don’t really want to switch bodies and at least that way will let me keep what I have.

  2. Lysistrata Szapira

    Until Firestorm updates, people who use BOM are going to look really weird on FS users’ screens. I hope this kicks the Maitreya designer into updating her product. If she won’t, I’ll jump ship to Belleza (finally).

  3. LittleBlackLamb

    Hm it does not work for me . I am using the newest Firestorm and the head shows the temporary texture but the system skin is not showing up on the head

    • gogo

      It’s not on Firestorm yet.

  4. Shirley Dulcey

    I can’t get this to work for me. (LL release viewer, Maitreya body, system head.) The problem is that I don’t wear a mesh head because I haven’t yet found one I like The applier from Conor Shostakovich insists on putting a full alpha on my head, which means my head disappears, and since that alpha is not a normal wearable I can’t take it off. No good. The body part of it works fine.

    The self described “very experimental” applier that I got from the Omega store in-world doesn’t work properly.

  5. ReadMeri

    Thanks for your walkthrough Cake, I’m so enjoying playing with the layers and your points about make up and individual creativity I hadn’t even thought of. Nice work! <3

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