Cozy Garden

I have more decor rezzed outside of my Linden Home than inside. I enjoy the sea view and I love virtual fresh air. The Aicha Garden Pod from Cheeky Pea is so cozy and cute, I used what’s left of my prims (or land impact) allowance to make a cozy garden corner. The Aicha Garden Pod includes a HUD to change wood, seat, and pillows colors.

Cozy Garden
Night time!

When I had my own sim, I always had issues with the limited control of the terrain textures in the terrain tab. As you can see here, I have a weird mixture of grass/sand = green sand, in my back yard. It would be wonderful if this corner could be very green grass, but we can’t have it all in SL.

Cozy Garden

What I’m Wearing:

  • Exile – Megan
  • Tres Blah – Summer Fete Dress
  • Ingenue – Marlo Flats

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