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Environmental Enhancement Project (EEP)

Lighting controlled by EEP

EDIT 8/25/2019: So my friends are telling me that EEP is not released on the main SL Viewer. I am using this SL viewer ( – EEP), which I thought is the latest official SL Viewer, since that’s all I have ever used. If it is not, maybe an error prompted me to upgrade? Perhaps it is a sign of it being live on the grid in the very near future. I have no idea how to downgrade, so I guess I may be the only person on the grid using EEP, while everyone else is using Windlight.

If you use the latest official SL Viewer like I do, you may have noticed that Windlight is history. Say hello to Environmental Enhancement Project or EEP for short. Here’s everything that you need to know about EEP from the SL Wiki.

To get started, you can import some of your favorite Windlights, SL will convert it to EPP objects automatically. You will then be able to apply these Environments objects in-world, like you did for Windlight. EEP objects are shareable, which is my favorite feature cos you can easily share with friends and make sure that everyone is seeing SL the same way.

When I imported some of my favorite Windlight settings, I found that they don’t look quite the same. I decided to only import a dozen or so, and just start fresh by making new ones for blogging. If you want to try some EEP settings, you can grab them from the Library in your inventory. I have also made some JuicyBomb EEP, available on Marketplace!

JuicyBomb - EEP Settings

Double click on the EEP object in your inventory to edit it. For some reason the pop up window is HUGE and cannot be resized. Most of the sliders are the same, but they did remove/introduced some sliders and made adjusting sun position into an adjustable sphere instead of a slider (omg… it’s not easy to use).

There’s also the Personal Lighting window to quickly access the adjustment tools, but be warned, it does not save. They should really rename it “Temporary Lighting” cos it’s just a convenient way to adjust the EEP setting you have already applied OR a shared EPP setting (region/parcel setting).

Whether or not you want to use EEP, it’s already live on the official viewer. I feel that eventually Windlight will be obsolete on all viewers, so now is the time to master EEP settings. Have you tried EEP? Let me know your thoughts on it in the comments!

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  1. nalates

    In Preferences you have chosen to update with RC candidates. Thus you are running the EEP RC viewer. To revert to the main/default LL Viewer you must uncheck that option. When the default viewer next updates it will automatically switch from RC to main. Or if you want to push it, download the default viewer and install it over the RC. But, you must have unchecked that ‘use RCs’.

    EEP is not ready for prime time. There are a couple of bugs blocking its release.

    • gogo

      Very helpful tip, Natales!

  2. sweettaffeylove

    I want to change the environment on my mainland property for everyone to see, for a cemetery environment misty and hazy.

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