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Last Friday, I picked up the Bailey Coffee Table & Bailey Picture Shelf from What Next. I want my house to have a cohesive look, so I limit the furnishings to just a few brands. This picture shelf matches the rest of my stuff, and only has 1 land impact! You can also change the texture on the shelf, frames, and pictures. All of this for 1 li – that’s magic!

My House
My House

Do know how to be a good neighbor on Bellisseria? Follow these laws, written by me.

  • Thou shall not cover the land with terrain texture that doesn’t match the surrounding land (ex: placing grass prims on beachfront land or placing sandy prims on grass land).
  • Thou shall not rez anything full bright, especially outside.
  • Thou shall not build a McMansion by adding add-ons that covers the parcel from border to border.
  • Thou shall go to the About Land > Sound tab > and check “Restrict gesture and object sounds to this parcel” ESPECIALLY if you have objects that make noise.
  • Thou shall not use anchor prims to rez things outside the parcel, especially on public waterways (Looking at you, all those people that try to anchor a dock).
  • Thou shall not make helicopter pads and rez helicopters (buy a private sim, if you want to roleplay affluence).
  • Thou shall not keep breedables on Bellisseria land, especially on the ground.
  • Thou shall not rez a bunch of tacky objects with hover-text (this includes rezzers, animals, babies, cars, etc.)
  • Thou shall not re-texture your entire house with BRICK or any other texture not included in the rezzer.

Can you think of anything else that would help residents be good neighbors? Let me know in the comments!

What I’m Wearing:

  • Exile – Megan
  • Amitomo – Sun Catcher (6)
  • M.Birdie – Merry Look earrings

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  1. Java Jane

    I agree with those “rules” for most sims, unless you want to move to mainland mish-mash. I just finally got my Linden Home 2 days ago after months of waiting & am *appalled* that people are treating the new sims no better & with no more taste than your average mainland.

    I am a sim designer & avid decorator with what one might say a “showcase” Linden home, but am surrounded by homes that break one or all of those “rules” & just as bad, by people who scarfed up a home & never see it, leaving it in the same style in a similar color as all the other homes leaving it looking like a half abandoned stepford village. While I own 2 other estate homes, I had higher hopes for my new Linden home – but seems like the above “common sense” isn’t so common.

    I would move to a corner or beach lot if I could, even after all the work I did to set up my home, but I had to wait so long for this home (interior parcel, non prime location) that I don’t dare abandon & hope for better, despite seeing the moles working & releasing nearby daily.

    What’s with the helipads? I’ve seen 2 so far near me & I just don’t get it. Go rent a dirt cheap mainland area designated for that… PUH-LEASE! SL is over a decade old & people still don’t get it. What’s with all the prim furniture from the year of the flood I still see as well? You could outfit a home just on 50L Friday stuff, you don’t need a lot of money to make a nice home. *Rant off*


    12 years Disgruntled
    Vampira Aristocrat

    • gogo

      Yes! People bring their mainland mentality with them, so it’s only a matter of time before certain parts of Bellisseria is “ugly” due to the residents. I think that the masses enjoy outdoing one another with bigger add-ons, more walls, etc. Thank you for getting it. I have lived on beautiful private estates, so while Bellisseria is beautiful, it is only so cos people with taste built for a controlled living environment. Everyone rushes to “customize” but do we need to?

  2. Lysistrata Szapira

    I have found the derender/blacklist function improves the view from my waterfront property a great deal. I blacklisted all of my houseboat neighbors’ stuff plus I blacklisted one neighbor’s house and belongings because he has all the of the decorating taste left over from 2003 SL. Now I have a lovely scenic view of the river flowing by my house. It just takes a while to blacklist every object on a parcel, but it was so worth it.

    • gogo

      I use the official SL viewer, so I don’t have that feature. Even if I did, I wouldn’t use it anyway cos I square empty lots look weird.

      • Lysistrata Szapira

        Actually, it doesn’t look weird at all to blacklist the houseboats. I even blacklisted the boardwalks to them, so it simply looks like a riverbank. As for the neighbor’s lot? The moles put up enough landscaping for me not to consider it weird. An eyesore is an eyesore.

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