Have you visited Hair Fair? Exile launched one of my favorite new hairstyles at Hair Fair, along with new textures and a redesigned HUD. I’ve been wearing this Audrey hairstyle for days, it’s my favorite hair at the moment.

I’m using one of the oldest tricks in the SL book for my photos today. I rezzed a prim (made it transparent), sat on it, and dragged it over to some public Linden rocks on Bellisseria. As long as your avatar sits on the prim, it will not return for the duration of your photography session. I could have done these photos without the prim but it allowed me to rotate and position my avatar much more easily than editing hover height.


My friends jokingly tease me about my obsession with Bellisseria, but they all have homes on this continent too. We’re islanders who have decided to mainland for a bit, cos it’s so great to meet new people. Shout out to all of the new SL friends I’ve made since spending time in more public places! šŸ™‚

What Iā€™m Wearing:

  • Exile – Audrey
  • Dhoma – Shayla Robe Open
  • R.icielli – Akira Lingerie
  • Ingenue – Miyu Heels

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