Hi from the Sommergewitter sim, which translates to summer thunderstorm.

I’ve been thinking about my hair color lately… and I’ve decided to go platinum blonde again. Exile made the cutest short wispy hairstyle called Insomnia. In fact, I’m obsessed with a lot of Exile hairstyles lately; you should definitely go check out the Exile mainstore for some gorgeous hairstyles.

My photos are so much better cos of EEP! Have you tried the EEP viewer? I can’t wait for EEP to be live on the grid, so more people will be forced to try it out.

What I’m Wearing:

  • Exile – Insomnia
  • Amitomo – Girlfriend Gacha (4)
  • Toksik – Selva Shorts
  • Ingenue – Elin Flats

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