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Endless Ocean

Endless Ocean

Hi from the edge of my houseboat on Bellisseria! I never wanted a houseboat until two weeks ago, when I visited a friend’s houseboat. The view outside of the windows reflected gorgeous endless ocean. I fell in love instantly, and prayed to the Linden gods for a houseboat. Prayer answered.

Endless Ocean

I’m still getting the hang of decorating a houseboat, so it’ll be partially empty for awhile. I wanted a waterfront location to test how the light and sky reflects in the water, cos I’m making some custom EEP settings for personal use in the EEP viewer. Apparently EEP will go live very soon, so I recommend familiarizing yourself with it now!

Bellisseria Breakfast Club

My friend Aems made this beautiful logo for the Bellisseria Breakfast Club. Join us in Second Life! I made this so all of my friends with homes on Bellisseria can join, but everyone is welcomed to join! I’m an ’80s kid, so I borrowed a quote from the movie with the same name and edited for Second Life.

Welcome to the Bellisseria Breakfast Club.
We’re strangers with nothing in common, except each other.

What I’m Wearing:

  • Truth – Shadow
  • MishMish – Corgi Puppy
  • M.Birdie – Merry Look (topB1, skirtB2)

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  1. Jen

    You seem to be exceptionally lucky getting homes on Bellisseria, I have yet to ever even glimpse one being available. It’s quite frustrating and makes me wonder why I keep paying for my premium membership……… certainly isn’t for the 300 L stipend. But hey good for you, enjoy your new home.

    • gogo

      If it helps, I have been on Bellisseria since launch date of April 15th! I’m also always reading the blog and forums to stay on top of release news. They just launched hundreds if not thousands of campers last week, and they will do it again in a matter of days. If you want a house, houseboat, or camper, I recommend checking the land page frequently this week. Thousands are on Bellisseria, all it takes is a bit of persistence.

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