Pumec - Lisa Skin

I’m back on the SL ENVIRONMENTAL ENHANCEMENT PROJECT (EEP) viewer! If any of the developers are reading this, I don’t like the sun and moon sphere. I want sliders back! I also want the drop-down menu for Windlights back, so I can easily scroll through all of my EEP settings without right clicking to apply every single time. Also, why are my appliers appearing shaded? It’s very noticeable on the “onion skin layer” of the lips. I can’t get any of my lipstick colors to appear the way they did before EEP, without pointing the sun directly AT my face.

Pumec - Lisa Skin

I got the Lisa skin from Pumec at Kustom9. Even though it looks 95% identical to the Zara skin that I bought last month, I usually can’t resist a cute face. I covered up the lips with the HD Lipstick (Silky Shine) from Pink Fuel cos the lips that this skin came with just didn’t work for this head. I’m starting to get a little bored of Pumec skin tones though, cos there are only 6 skin tones in various shades of brown.

EEP made this skin look very good, I love EEP. I had to give up the BoM viewer for now, to play with EEP and hopefully give the developers some good feedback.

What I’m Wearing:

  • Pumec – Lisa
  • Truth – Euphoria
  • Teefy – Kimiko Top (Willow)

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