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Reducing Lag on Bellisseria

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Are my neighbors lagging me on Bellisseria? Yes, the more densely populated a region is, the more chances of lag increasing due to scripted objects running on the region and nearby avatars causing you lag. I’ll write a blog post about Avatar Rendering Cost sometime, but I don’t find other avatars to be a problem since I don’t render them. However, since I am living communally on Bellisseria, I do care when my neighbors are using an excessive amount of scripts on their land and increasing lag for everyone on the region. Find out what causes lag and how to reduce lag on the official Second Life wiki.

How do I check script info? Go to World -> About Land -> Click on the Script Info button. You can check script info on your land and see every scripted item listed, and the total memory used. You can even check public Linden-owned land if you’re curious how much script memory is used on public land. You can even check your neighbors’ land (though you won’t see a list of items), it’s still handy in case you need to report them for excessive script usage.

Here’s a snapshot of the Script Info on my land. I sorted all of my scripted items by size, and most of the items with the highest scripts are in my kitchen. I will some day go through all of my stuff and delete all the coloring scripts, cos I don’t need to change color once I pick my favorite.

Script Info

Did you know that you can report people for using an excessive amount of scripts on their land? My friend discovered that her neighbor uses nearly 30,000kb of memory, and sent an Abuse Report about it. I read somewhere that residents are encouraged to report parcels with excessive script usage. What is excessive? I checked lots of parcels around my home, and most people are between 5,000kb and on the very high end, 20,000kb. If you see anything higher than that, it’s probably fine to AR and have Linden Lab check it out.

Side note, did you know that Second Life residents on Bellisseria are deeply offended when you AR them? I have noticed that it never fails, once someone has a thing or two returned, they leave their parcel soon after. It’s a good way to get your offensive neighbors to move – report them!

Here’s an analogy from my friend about region script usage.

“If a region is like co-op farmland, and memory usage is like water, it’s okay if one farmer is hogging 20% of the water, and others only use 2%, as long as everyone still gets what they need. But if the water starts running thin and some crops start wilting, that farmer using 20% needs to let more go through to the other guys.”

Back in August, I wrote some laws to being a good neighbor, how many of them do you see being violated by your neighbors? I have decided to append to this list with some new laws for reducing lag!

Do you know how to reduce lag on Bellisseria? Follow these laws, written by me.

  • Breedables should stay on the farm.
  • Tidy up your scripted kitchen.
  • Trim the scripts from your hedges and trees.
  • Don’t leave your vehicle scripts running (rez deco version).
  • Embrace a phantom lifestyle where possible.
  • Send your baby to the sitter. Only use it when you are online.
  • Train all pets to stay neatly in their beds. They don’t need to roam about.

Let me know in the comments if these tips helped you reduce your own script usage or pass along this info to your neighbor with an excessive amount of scripts running.

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  1. Sasy Scarborough

    lol if someone is leaving their babies rezzed and logging out, that should be a whole different abuse report. Great post, and we do the phantom thing on all objects every Hair Fair it definitely makes a difference. If items are copy and mod, no reason to leave scripts in anything.

  2. Yasmin Bilavio

    Just making these small changes has reduced lag not just at my Linden Home but my private land as well! Thanks for this!

  3. Lysistrata

    Thanks for the heads up on this. I just found a neighbor who is using 54,944 kb! I’m using under 9,000. I am going to AR because there has been some issues in my region.

  4. Lana

    If my neighbor’s sprinkler is spraying on my car, I don’t call the police, I knock on his door and bring it to his/her attention in a polite and straightforward manner. I don’t know the advantage of AR. Is it anonymous? It certainly is aggressive..just talk to people first. It is the mature and neighborly way to behave.

    • gogo

      AR is the most effective way to deal with covenant issues. It is anonymous, and it lets the people that can decide if it’s indeed a covenant issue handle it. AR is not aggressive, it’s what the Lindens suggest that you do, rather than confront your neighbor.

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