Bellisseria Victorians

Hello from Bellisseria South, the long-awaited Victorians have now been claimed by thousands of happy new homeowners. During the Linden Reveal 3 weeks ago, the southern addition to the continent was not public access, so we didn’t get to see the actual regions until the launch on December 16th.

Bellisseria Victorians

As you may have guessed by the pictures, I did land my dream beach Victorian homes! I know it was due to persistence, strategy, and a lot of luck that I was able to get the beach homes cos only about 1% of Bellisseria South is beach oceanfront.

Without giving away ALL of my secrets, I will say that the slow automatic release of the regions helped my group of friends target certain regions and land the locations we wanted. If you want your dream home, my best tip is to make some friends and read the forum to stay on top of the news. Even though Victorians are sold out at the moment, occasionally some abandoned homes do show up on the land page.

Some people may find the Game of Homes (a term for house hunters) exhausting, but I truly enjoyed it. I would say that my group of friends won this round, cos we landed dozens of oceanfront homes. My strategy for us was to only hold oceanfront homes, and leave everything else, even if it’s pretty or has a pond/river/lake, etc. I see lots of people holding onto homes that they don’t quite love, which hinders their ability to get the home they will love. I had to leave my perfect houseboat to get a beach victorian, but it was worth it!

All of my beach homes give me joy, even though I’m a slow decorator and still haven’t fully decorated any of them.

Did you land the home of your dreams? Are you still looking for that perfect home? Let me know in the comments!

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