Hello from the NYC Christmas sim*! This place is GORGEOUS. It took a million years to rez, but it was worth it.

*Before Bellisseria, people called them sims. Half sim, full sim, quarter sim, etc. Then Patch Linden corrected everyone and said that a sim is actually called a region. So now some people started calling them region. I’ll use both words on my blog, depending on the sentence. For some reason, sim just flows here.

First things first, when I go to virtual NYC, I get a hot dog. Here I am buying a hot dog from a mesh person, and standing next to another mesh person. I actually like them here, they’re dressed appropriately and every mesh person has a role on the sim. Elsewhere in SL, they’re creepy.

NYC Christmas

Did you know LeLutka is back? The store closed for a short time to update the vendor system, but now it is back. I admit I do miss my LeLutka head a little bit. I changed back to my Chloe head to get the 3.4 update (click on the Redeliver button on the HUD to get the update), even though there were no significant updates. The only change is, now all animations are included, so if you didn’t have those add-on packs before, get your free update now!

I’m dying to know if you guys call a “region” in SL sim or region! Let me know in the comments.

What I’m Wearing:

  • Exile (Heather)
  • Amitomo – Merry & Bright (3)
  • LeLutka – Chloe Mesh Head
  • Pink Fuel – Kiera Skin

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