New Mesh Head; LeLutka Erin

New Mesh Head, LeLutka, Glam Affair

Take a deep breath. Bakes on Mesh arrived on the grid 6 months ago, so you’ve either had a chance to play around with it or you’ve completely ignored it – until now. Go back and read the Bakes on Mesh tutorial part I, by Aemeth and part II by me. Then ignore everything you’ve learned because LeLutka is doing it differently than the existing workaround.

LeLutka just released two new mesh heads, Erin and Nova, featuring a brand new HUD with tons of cool new customization features and new high-definition applier layers, so most of your existing appliers will not work. I don’t really want to get into all of the changes, but from my brief glance at the heads, I foresee massive confusion on the grid.

What’s in the package? You get all the usual Mesh Head stuff plus a lot of different alpha layers for various combinations BoM/no BoM products. It took me days to figure out that the four “Face” tattoo layers includes the head only – no body texture! I thought I was doing something wrong, but nowhere in the notecard did it indicate that this was a face/head without a body, and I still have no clue what skin matches with it. In my previous experience with BoM; if you were to wear both a mesh head and a body that’s BoM-ready, you were supposed to remove all alpha layers. Why did this change? I don’t know, and don’t care to find out cos I’m probably not going to use BoM very much, cos I’m still loving the SL EEP Viewer (I’m shooting my photos on it now). Still waiting for the EEP/BoM integration from Linden Lab!

New Mesh Head, LeLutka, Glam Affair

Once I cleared up the confusion about the face tattoo, it was a breeze to put together my look. Probably because I’m familiar with system layers from ye old days and I already know how Bakes on Mesh works. I’m wearing the LeLutka Erin head with the new Glam Affair Ary skin. Everything is appliers, cos I am not using a BoM viewer. Do you have to use BoM? No. Should you? Eventually, yes. BoM is the future, but right now the growing pains are a bit messy, cos my favorite skin brands haven’t really released anything for BoM.

Are you still confused about BoM? Ask lots of questions and hope that brands release better documentation with their products, cos not everyone will simply ‘get’ it. Many of my friends resist BoM; it can be a confusing concept since the way LeLutka does BoM is not what I expected AT ALL. I thought the point of BoM is to eventually peel away all the applier layers and remove reliance on HUDs.

Have you tried the new LeLutka BoM-ready mesh heads? Let me know in the comments what you think!

What I’m Wearing:

  • Glam Affair – Ary (007)
  • LeLutka – Erin Mesh Head
  • Truth – Eternity
  • The Secret Store – Myra Comfy Sweater, Lois Fitted Pants

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  1. I actually like BOM – full BOM, that is.

    Absolutely not impressed with the unnecessary confusion LeLutka has created to the already confusing (for new residents) subject matter of BOM vs applier vs alphas vs bom alphas.

    The ‘FAQ’ page explains exactly nothing, but that’s nothing new – previous LeLutka pages never did anyway, so we shouldn’t really be surprised.

    I can’t help but get the feeling she’s trying to spite someone with this mess and end users are the ones copping the brunt of it.

    As for the HUD – could it possibly have been made any worse than the Genus’ hud if she’d actually tried? Gone is the beautifully professional user-friendly HUD that LeLutka was known for.

    A complete disappointment. All of my third party cosmetics, brows, etc, are 100% worthless with these heads.

    My personal verdict: LeLutka’s new evolution heads are a waste of the L$3700 intro price – I wouldn’t even think about paying 5k for them once the intro price is yanked away.

  2. WELL….I just bought Lelutka Erin and to be honest i had to give up on it, i’m so confused. i can sill see old head at he back and god knows how i remove the white neck….any info would be most appreciated

  3. I agree. I been out of SL for a while and upgrade my Maitreya Lara body and bought the Erin head. The folders come with a lot of noise and no notecard to sort out what to wear. All they had to do is say, if you want BOM where these pieces, if no BOM then you can pick from these pieces and if you have a Maitreya Body do not wear the SL head as Maitreya is not up to date. Creators MUST simplify for users most of us do not live in SL. We have money to spend so make it easy. Even if a bit complex if you step me through it I am ok. Just do not leave me to figure out YOUR mess. I am the customer.

  4. Just bought the erin head and use the maitreya body. I find all of this very confusing. How in heck do I change something as simple as eyebrows on my face. Even with compatible makeup I still cant get it to work. Huge investment to just collect dust in my inventory

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