Do you like my outfit today? As soon as Neve announced this new release, I ran to get it! Grime and Grit are a respective top and shorts set that makes me feel like it’s the 90’s again. Not that the 90’s were a particularly great decade for me growing up, but sometimes it’s fun remembering the fashions from back then. You can grab this set from Uber.

This photo was taken at the Mother Road sim. You should definitely check them out and give them some love if you can. I feel like Mother Road, Bay City, and similar communities are what inspired the Linden Homes project.

I’m also wearing Pink Fuel’s new Gaia skin line, available for Bakes On Mesh. Finally, some good freaking BoM content! Also, PF didn’t separate their head and skin layers like some other stores are doing. It makes no sense to charge your customers double for a skin update. Just give them one pack and let them go.

VRChat Travels

Where’ve I been in VRChat lately? I’ll show you.

Treehouse In The Shade

Treehouse In The Shade is a world dominated by trippy shaders (get the pun?). In VRChat, shaders do what materials in Second Life do, but they also can go beyond that to create landscapes in the world around you.

This picture is one such shader, one of my favorites. It turns the world into what looks like either endless vines, or the inside of a human body. You can change the parameters of each vista with the help of a menu screen and a touch pad.

Beware–some vistas include either blissful or nightmarish views of things like endless 3D fractals. To me, there are some things that should never be viewed in person. A Mandlebrot set is now on that personal list for me.

The BeatBox

The BeatBox is a club that doesn’t seem to update its map anymore. Sometimes creators get busy, or hold their parties outside of your particular schedule. I can’t tell which is the case for them, but I do know they haven’t cleared the Christmas decor from their club.

Regardless, this hallway is one of the coolest designs I’ve seen in VRChat so far. It makes me feel like I’m in one of the original Star Wars movies, minus the tv screen.

Speaking of clubs, what’s it like to dance in a VR club? I’ll report on that next time and talk about how it’s simlar to SL, yet quite different.

See you then!

What I’m Wearing:

  • Truth – Shadow hair
  • Pink Fuel – Gaia Skin
  • Neve – Grime top
  • Neve – Grit shorts
  • Alaskametro – Fire eyeshadow
  • [ a.e.meth ] – Velvet lipstick

Song: The Weeknd – Heartless

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