How much does a Linden Home really cost?

Bellisseria: Log Homes

Almost a year ago, I moved into my very first Linden Home. At the time, I calculated the cost, and it was around $6USD/yr with the stipend plus bonus (for being a first-time premium member). Now that the price of a Premium membership has increased to $99USD/yr and the Lindex exchange rate is slightly worse, let’s find out how much it costs to own a Linden home!

Premium membership: $99US/yr (I always pay yearly for the maximum discounts)
Weekly Stipend: $300L week x 52 weeks = $15,600L (no $1,000L bonus this year, I’m not a new member)
Lindex conversion: $15,600L / 260 (current best exchange rate) = $57.90US
True Cost of a Linden Home: $99US minus $57.90US = $41.10USD

This is a 37.5% increase from last year! I have multiple Linden Homes and use none of the other perks. At $41USD per home, while not prohibitively expensive, it is more expensive than before. At under $10USD/year, I didn’t even think about the price. I own multiple Linden Homes and happily paid the price. Now with the increase, I may have to abandon a house or two, to get a Log Home.

Bellisseria: Log Homes

Linden Lab is set to launch thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of new Log Homes in a matter of days. I predict that they will never sell out, and that could be the goal. Some premium members complain that it is false advertising when they can’t get a shiny new Linden Home as part of their Premium membership. Not seeing Bellisseria appear on the drop-down to select the theme can be infuriating. Linden Lab delivers by making a new Log Homes landmass as big as the entirety of Bellisseria.

Do you have a Linden Home? Do you want a new Log Home? Do you have just one Linden Home or multiple? Let me know in the comments!

EDIT: My friend who has the old stipend of $500L/week wants me to let you guys know that if you have EVER had a Premium membership, with $500L/wk stipend, you can get it back, if you renew your Premium membership. So, if you have $500L stipend, your Linden home is now FREE (under the old price of $72/yr, you profited). Great news!

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  1. Love your work! is the Log homes available now? Oh and if your a returning subscriber you get 500L if you paid in full for a year or just in general? Thank you for the hard work you put in ❥❣

    • Yes, if you had premium membership and 500L/weekly stipend at any time during your SL account, you will get that back. So 500L paid 52 times for the year.

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