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Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams

Remember the Stay at Home Club that I mentioned last week? Exile is giving away the Britney hairstyle, in a Split Color Edition hair pack. You can go bold or pastel; it’s adorable and of course FREE. The collaborative nature of this project is the best thing to arrive on the grid in a while, don’t you think?

Fans of Genus mesh heads, you may have read the announcement that Genus is temporary closing. Like you, I’m absolutely crushed. I worry about the future of my favorite mesh head on the grid, and whether or not they will be able to come back and provide updates and support. Don’t panic, it’s a legal process that must be followed accordingly… the best thing we can do now is to not speculate. Best of luck to Genus & the anonymous party.

Hot TIP: You can still get the Genus free Strong Face Gift001 in the group notice. Join GenusProject group in SL.

SL Last Names Are Back!

Did you know that SL Last Names are back? Changing a name costs $39, and is available to Premium Members only. This is a boring list of last names, I don’t think I will do it for any of my avatars. I have a large collection of the cutest last names in SL already, so I will pass (for now). Even my avatars without a last name, their single name is cute, like Cher, or Madonna. LOL!!

Field of Dreams

Guess where I am? I’m at my Linden Home! My friend Sparkle did an amazing job landscaping this bland parcel to look like a gorgeous meadow. You can do a lot at a Linden Home, you just have to have some imagination.

What do you think of the new SL last names list? Will you be changing your name in SL? Let me know in the comments!

What I’m Wearing:

  • Exile – Britney
  • Dami – Waterlily Dress 6
  • Dami – Waterlily flower 3

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