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Gogo & Juicy

Say hello to my sister, Juicy!

For everyone that still doesn’t have a mesh head, you need to join the GenusProject group right now and get the free Strong Face Gift001 mesh head. If you’re wearing other brands and curious to try Genus, this free fully-functioning mesh head is exactly like their other heads sold in store, if not prettier. I decided to give Juicy a makeover, cos she was tragically running around SL as a baby panda.

If Genus doesn’t have the majority of the mesh head market, they will after this incredibly generous gift. I felt this move is especially important after they launched confusing heads at Skin Fair this year. I’m currently wearing Baby 1, and when I saw that they launched Baby 2, naturally I assumed it was an upgrade and would be FREE to customers who already own Baby or at least discounted during the fair. I know it has been explained ten thousand times in the group chat, that Baby 2 is a whole new face, but it’s still a weird way to name their heads. Genus has redeemed itself with this 40% sale and the free mesh head! But they still haven’t fixed the wonky eyes.

Juicy is wearing SLink Physique Redux Original Mesh Body Bundle, which also influenced the outfit we’re wearing today. I found that some brands are not doing regular SLink Physique clothing, so it made dressing difficult since I needed clothing to be available for both Maitreya and SLink in order for us to be matching!

Have you heard of the Stay at Home Club? This incredibly cute idea is so uplifting and a great opportunity for brands to get exposure. If you’re a designer, consider signing up to be a part of the Stay at Home Club. Juicy and I are both wearing the free Janny dress from Zickenkiste in both SLink and Maitreya version! This brand seems to support a variety of bodies, which is nice.

Did you try the free Genus gift head? Did this convert you to Genus? Let me know in the comments!

What We’re Wearing:

  • Exile – Illyanna Hair
  • Maitreya Mesh body, SLink Mesh body
  • Zickenkiste – Janny Dress S2
  • Genus Baby Mesh Head, Genus Strong Mesh Head (Gift001)
  • PUMEC – Kate Skin (March)

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  1. Marianne

    I got the Genus strong, and while it is an amazing gift, I am still loyal to LeLutka. The Genus HUD made me cuss in front of the screen. I let an alt have it, because the alt does not change makeup and hairbases and such often. I could not have this on my main. I am getting a new LeLutka as soon as they let an Evolution head that I like. I can’t let go of my Simone yet.

  2. nihilfish

    there’s 2 of GOGO OMG

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