Hello from my Linden home! My friend Sparkle really helped me spruce up the landscaping, and now it’s the cutest house on the block. Decorating with just 351 land impact and trying to make the exterior lush with landscaping, while leaving enough for interior decor is challenging but very doable! So far, I have only semi-finished decorating 1 out of too many homes. The Traditional is my favorite Bellisseria home theme, what’s yours?


I’m wearing the new Delicate hairstyle from Truth. These soft beachy waves are to die for!


Check out the cutest Wildflower backpack from Consignment and Dust Bunny! I’m not taking this off for a long time. The color choices are so limited on this backpack, and it’s no-mod, so I couldn’t even buy the gray one and color it something pastel. I wish brands would stop making things NO MOD for no reason.

What I’m Wearing:

  • Truth  – Delicate
  • Dust Bunny & Con  –  Wildflower Backpack (Brown)
  • Dust Bunny & Con  –  Wild FLower sneakers (Cotton)

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  1. You can post the name of the plants here? I would love to go and purchase them. 🙂

    • hi Marianne! Some of the plants seen are HPMD (ground cover), alirium (Grasses), reid parkin (Florals)

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