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Hello from my new Log home! Sometimes you get lucky, and you land a lakeside home with just one roll, like I did on this one.

Are you a Linden homes enthusiast? Do you play the Game of Homes in order to land the best location? While log homes are still releasing, these tips will hopefully help you now to land your dream log home, and for future home themes.

The best time to target a region is during a massive rolling release. What is a rolling release? Linden Lab is not releasing the regions one by one. All of them have been released, that’s what they’ve told us from the beginning. That means that as soon as one region is full, the next begins to roll out. My rolling crew (aka my friends) and I applied everything we learned while rolling for Victorian homes back in December, and it helped us target certain log home regions and land some pretty great locations.

Roll with friends to increase the number of abandons per 24 hours. There is a limit of 5 abandons per 24 hours. Unless you’re willing to pay for lots of rolling alts, that number quickly gets used up. If you don’t have rolling friends, make some! Find some people who are always rolling and befriend them, and pool your resources together to help each other. I made friends with my neighbors on Bellisseria last summer, and we helped each other land our dream homes by watching for new regions releasing and/or rolling a new region as a group. A group can have 40 rolls vs. an individual with only 5 rolls.

Be patient. Sometimes you don’t land your dream home right away. Only play this game if you have an immense amount of patience and don’t get discouraged from rolling hundreds of trash abandons. I’ve seen lots of people get frustrated and give up, and settle for a random house just to be done with it. That’s totally fine, but if you want a specific home, you have to be patient and persistent.

You can increase your chances, but it’s still mostly luck. Even if you stalk regions and roll exactly when it’s releasing, most of the time you still don’t land the exact parcel that you want. When I watch a region release, I see that the pattern in which homes are taken are completely random. There’s no way of knowing if your dream home is the next roll, or several rolls after ahead; so you can only increase your chances of landing on that region by rolling during the release, but you can’t target a specific parcel.

Roll and hold as a group. I have rolled for new homes by myself and with a group, and I will say that I love rolling with a group more. As a group, we can cover more time zones, and we’re able to hold more homes while we decide if we want them or not. When there is a massive rolling release, we don’t know which avatars will land which homes, so we roll and hold them all until there’s a good time to swap so that everyone is in the house of their choice.

How do you give a friend (or your alt) a home? This is not an official feature, so do it at your own risk. Don’t swap any home you’re not willing to lose. It’s possible to give a home to your friend if they try to grab it on the land page the second that you abandon. I have been successful with this method dozens of times, it just takes some practice.

You can’t trust the void edge on Log homes. I have a Log home I’m sharing with a friend along a west coast region with a void edge, but we think that Linden Lab will cover it up with more regions so we’re not counting on it remaining oceanfront. So even though I love the faux oceanfront home, I rolled for a few lakeside homes too, just in case! If you’re on a void edge, just be ready for it to be covered up with more homes.

Did you get a Log home? Did it take one roll or hundreds of rolls to land your dream home? Let me know in the comments!

What I’m Wearing:

  • Truth – Paradise
  • MasKara – Daisy Morning Top (Rare) M
  • MasKara – Daisy Morning Shorts (Peach)
  • MasKara – Daisy Morning/Journal Boss
  • MasKara – Daisy Morning/Carebun BabyPink
  • Blowpop – Jolene (Pearl) Balconette Bra (I had to dig into my 2008 inventory to find this!!!!
  • Stardust – Alice (Black Tattoo) 75%
  • Ingenue – Kiko Heels

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  1. nihil-core

    ur so cool gogo

  2. nihilfish

    You’re so cool gogo!

  3. Radhika Lionheart

    Dear Gogo: So I’ve landed a pretty sweet log home, I had been angling for a Victorian, but this one is on a river, and I discovered I could make a master bedroom with an ensuite bath by just buliding a floor and a wall above the living room! But the door to the bedroom is obstructed by that rail. I put the wall over the rail so you can’t see it, except that the rail blocks the door! I want to just cut out a tiny section of the railing, but of course, the whole home is locked for editing. any way around that? If I ask nicely and bat my eyes, will Linden Public Works unlock it for me?

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