Linden Home; Stilt Homes

Beach Vibes

Hello from SL17B Enchant! You can preview the next Linden Home theme here – it’s Stilt Homes! Sand, sand everywhere! I’m a fan of beach homes, so you know I’ll definitely add a stilt home or two to my collection. I’m so glad these homes have single-story cottage-style options and open floor plans!

Beach Vibes

When will Linden Lab release these homes? They said that the homes won’t be released until after the move to the cloud is completed, or around “end of the year” but my guess is, these homes will be released around Labor Day (first week of September). Labor Day is a big vacation holiday in the US, and it would be the perfect time to release Stilt homes! Always under-promise and over-deliver! I hope they surprise us with a September release!

Beach Vibes

Have you checked out the new Stilt homes? Do you want one? Will you be adding another Linden Home to your collection or leaving a current home for it? Let me know in the comments!

What I’m Wearing:

  • Exile – Macy  
  • Micamee – Peggy Crossbody Bag (White) *this item is in the Lucky chair at the store!!
  • Dami – Spring School Look (A7)
  • Cosmic Dust – Strawberry Phone Typer

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