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LeLutka Mesh Head / Fleur

LeLutka Mesh Head / Fleur

Have you ever felt that you needed a push to make a change? That push for me came on Friday night when I saw that LeLutka released the new Fleur head. It brightened my entire weekend, and I spent hours working on my new face. I try to recreate my face on many different heads, which isn’t impossible if you choose the same products (skin, eyes, etc.).

Making a new shape is something I enjoy doing, but I see many of my friends struggle with it. Even though I have a LeLutka evolution shape that I made for the Lake head before, it did NOT fit Fleur at all. The eyeballs popped out and the face looked like a deflated balloon. It almost turned me away from the head, but I decided to think of Fleur as a whole new ‘brand’, and went to work giving myself virtual plastic surgery. LOL!!

LeLutka Mesh Head / Fleur
Lara Hurley & Glam Affair skins

When I choose a new head, I always make sure I find the skin that I like to pair it with before spending hours making my shape & purchasing. Fleur just released less than 48 hours ago, so there are very few skins made specifically for Fleur. You may think that because a skin is labelled “for Lelutka BoM” or “for LeLutka Evolution” it would fit on ALL of the heads, but you would be very disappointed.

I decided to try the Lara Hurley Bryn skin, which was not made for Fleur specifically, but it fit well enough. There were some shadings and highlights that did not line up, so Lara Hurley sent me a tattoo to cover it up, and I love it!! Thank you, Lara!

Next, I tried the Glam Affair Sharon skin, which is made for Fleur, and it was a perfect fit. This skin includes essential add-on tattoo layers that I haven’t seen included in other brands, such as closed eyes!! Have you ever noticed that when you close your eyes, the eye crease is super ugly? Sure, you can buy a third party tattoo layer, but Glam Affair includes it. ALL skin makers should get on board with this, cos it’s the best thing ever.

I’m mixing and matching Lara Hurley skin with Glam Affair face tattoo layers, and even a Pink Fuel eyeshadow to complete my look. I love Bakes-on-Mesh! You can do anything you want. I found myself the other day layering two different skins and just turning down the opacity on the top layer, and it looked GREAT!

Have you tried the new LeLutka Fleur mesh head? How often do you change your mesh heads? Let me know in the comments!

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Marina
MasKara – Pamela Parody (Top, Shorts) Babyblue
Lara Hurley – Bryn Skin
Glam Affair – Sharon Skin
Pink Fuel – Beauty Glaze eyeshadow
LeLutka Evolution Head – Fleur

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  1. kazzy2nd

    This shape is wonder ❤️

  2. Gillian Waldman

    You did a great job your shape. I just gave up for now 🙁

  3. LaVada Ketterman

    My favorite new place for Lelutka shapes is Gaupa she has Amazing shapes and I use itgirls for skins

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