#SLBareFaceChallenge 2020

It was Lexi who tagged me on Flickr to do the SL Bare Face Challenge; challenged accepted! I don’t usually wear lots of makeup, so it’s a hard task to bare my face even more, but I did so by taking off eyeliner, using smaller lashes, etc.

I remember doing this challenge back in 2014, which seems like ages ago, before there were mesh heads! Do I look different?


I did one more thing to make my look bare – do you see it? I made my nails “natural” without nail polish on and also used the short nails version.

#SLBareFaceChallenge 2020

You’re all tagged for the #SLBareFaceChallenge 2020! Share your photos in the comments on on my FLickr, I would love to see them!

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!

I’ve been wanting to do this photo for two weeks since my friend showed me how to use light projectors in SL. It turned out okay… if you would like to know how to do this, there are lots of tutorials on Youtube and online as well. The light projector prim projected the American Flag on my avatar, but it can also be used to project textures, light colors, etc.

What I’m Wearing:

  • Truth – Poetry (Unrigged NoWisps)
  • Zenith – Summer Off Shoulder Dress (White)

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