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De-Orange Me

De-Orange me

Have you ever wanted to be a little less orange or add a touch of pink to your skin tone? I wanted to color-correct the new Bryn skin in midtone that I got from Lara Hurley Skins. I like the skin, but the face and body is heavily shaded, a little too orange for my taste.

De-Orange me

I solved that problem this weekend by making color-correcting tattoo layers to go above my Bakes-on-Mesh (BoM) skin. I think it worked out great! This is good for minor color adjustments, not changing the skin tone drastically.

cheLLe - Powder Puff (Skin tone color corrector)

Get the cheLLe – Powder Puff (Skin tone color corrector) on Marketplace! You can mix and match any of the layers for your own custom color-correction!

Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments!

What I’m Wearing:
Exile – Kat
Birdy – Boho Bikini (White), Headdress (Aqua)
Lara Hurley – Bryn (Midtone)

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  1. Anarya Elderslie

    The link goes to Flickr, and the link on Flickr just takes you right back here.

  2. Miss May Malheur

    OMG, I can’t thank you enough! I love my Glam Affair skin, but it needed to be de-oranged, and you did it perfectly. Thank you!

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