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All is fair in Game of Homes (GoH)

**WARNING** This is a GoH post, it will make no sense to my regular fashion readers.

Let’s talk about this week’s Virtual Secrets. It has been over a decade since someone found me interesting enough to make a secret about me, so let’s talk about everything regarding this secret.

Linden Lab created a competitive environment, where they would only release one region at a time, so all of the homes are immediately snapped up within minutes. The best time to roll for a new home is during a new release and/or rolling-release (massive release of a new theme).

To add on to this stress, every premium account only has 5 abandons per 24 hour period, so even if many homes are available, you are limited in your chances to try. And unless you are rolling the minute you watch a region release, it’s incredibly hard to target a region.

When you are a Linden Homes enthusiast like me, you make some GoH friends along the way, these are the people that you run into all the time, on pre-released regions cos you both want a home on those regions. It’s true that I have a few Linden Homes, many of them I rolled during a rolling-release, and few were given to me by friends.

The person who made this secret about me is venting their frustrations at Linden Lab. The entire Linden Homes release process should be more transparent. For example, I would recommend that Linden Lab post the day that they will release a region, the name of the region, and the time (ex: 2PM-5PM SLT). This will give people who work every single day during the same business hours as Linden Lab, a fair chance to try on their phones.

Additionally, I would also recommend that Linden Lab save the finished regions and release 2-3 at once. If a region on average, has 20 homes, then it would be 20-60 homes released, giving everyone more of a chance to try.

Let’s talk about Barker, the region mentioned in the secret. I wanted just one house on Barker, since the moment I set my eyes on this region. It was grassy terrain, not my usual favorite (I love sand), but I wanted a particular home. I was at work when the sim released, but I have a lot of friends that are Bellisseria enthusiasts too, and they rolled some for me. My desire is not to own the entire neighborhood, but to be near friends who decorate within a certain aesthetics. Since the beginning of Bellisseria, I have always lived by my friends. They decorate better than everyone else in Second Life. So no, I did not ask “people” for their homes — my friend scored 2 waterfronts. And my neighbor gave me their house because they wanted someting actually on the water.

If you’re mad, roll better. Even with multiple accounts, friends, etc, there’s NO GUARANTEE that you will land the home of your dreams. As the title says, all is fair in Game of Homes.

My friend Kess owns the Virtual-Secrets site. She published the secret so I could personally address it on my blog. She doesn’t SL anymore, so she doesn’t understand why people are making secrets about Linden Homes.

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  1. Beuanna Banana

    SL secret posts says more about the person who makes it than the one it is about. You have always been a kind helpful person in all the years I have been around SL. SLers are just more salty than ever these days. I know and many others know are you are not petty as this tries to make out. Hugs from an old fab of you blog (Beulah Mills)

    • gogo

      Thank you Beu! Good to see you around 🙂

  2. Gwen Stacy

    What I don’t like and I’m sure you won’t approve this comment (since you couldn’t even tell me about eyebrows when I asked – good job blogging and you like to control comments like our terrible president does, but it’s still going to be on my twitter and flickr if you don’t), is that arrogant statement you made that your friends decorate than anyone else in SL. That is not true as you don’t know everyone in SL. It’s not only arrogance but ignorance. One of those decorators that is your friend, lifted my layout from my Grove home *two different homes in 2019 and 2020) almost every piece of furniture is used even the same colors. They rearranged it to fit in the small linden homes, but the layout is intact. It’s shameful. So no your friends don’t decorate better because you don’t know everyone and you don’t know me, and I’m the one who’s house (twice) was copy pasted by one of your friends who you claim are the best decorators. In fact all the people I know in the region my homes are, no one there knows you and they are creators which is interesting since you’re a blogger.

    • gogo

      I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m very busy and only check my blog comments on the days I blog. If you asked the eyebrow question, I did answer you today.

      You have no idea who my friends are, lol. I mostly made that comment as a joke, but I’m glad you care enough about me to “ask around” to your “designers” friends. Keep asking. 🙂

      I have no clue what “the Grove” is that you’re talking about. I have only ever had my own sim, or I’m on Linden Homes. Not everyone with a house near me is my friend, LOL!! I wish.

      • Gwen Stacy

        My linden home which is empty and on a second account (just keeping it until I trade it out for something else) is right by where I’ve seen you and people you know as you’re all together. So you have seen my name on nearby before I’m sure, though we don’t know each other. That’s how I found your blog actually and while I enjoy it I didn’t like today’s post. Saying better than everyone is not fact. no statistics to back it no evidence.

        • gogo

          I’ve been having problems with my blog theme – I have not updated it since before mesh went live on the grid, fyi. I’m in the process of fixing that. Because you complained about comments not showing, I realized the comments were broken.

          I have no idea who you think my friends are, or who you are accusing of copying your homes, but that has nothing to do with me. Message them directly.

          • Gwen Stacy

            Thanks for explaining the blog. I like it. I just have seen you in SL my house is close to some homes you are usually around. Yes it has zero to do with you. I just was focused on that comment about best decorators in SL. I’m an overly observant person and it’s a problem!

      • Aria Aurelia

        So who are you at the grove because this name doesn’t exist in the resident group. I live there and I looked as I was going to stop by your house an say hello 🙂

  3. Aria Aurelia

    Funny I rolled and got a house on Barker the other day which makes me her neighbour. Guess I’ll be awaiting the I’m asking for my house. P.S. I’m not gogo either.. lol

  4. Aria Aurelia

    Which sim is your house on at the grove so I can stop by and visit you Gwen! 🙂 We’re neighbours and I never overly care if people steal my decor ideas the furniture selection in second life is quite limited so its not like more than one person wont come up with the same design ideas.

  5. Curious

    How do you go about giving a house to a friend? I have a friend who has always wanted my Linden Home and I’m over it enough now to pass it on to her.

    • gogo

      Hi Curious,

      Do this at your own risk. The basic concept is to have to have your friend try to grab it from the Land Page the instant that you abandon. The best time for this is during “quiet times” in SL, which is usually in the wee AM hours, so there is less traffic on the land page from other residents. Again, use caution. Residents have successfully done it, but it does come at a risk.

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