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Halloween, Bellisseria Style

Hello from Millbank! Halloween starts early in SL! Come take a creepy balloon ride throughout this Halloween Haunted Neighborhood set up in Bellisseria. Here’s your chance to see all the perfect Linden Homes in not so perfect settings. I’m sure there are dead bodies in some of the homes. Come check it out!

What I’m Wearing:
Exile – Helena (A)
LODE – (Head Accessory) Japanese Anemone (Autumn)
Dust Bunny & Con – Sneakers (Cotton)
Dust Bunny & Con – Wildflower Backpack (Brown)
Amitomo – Always in love 12, 15

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  1. anya

    May I ask where the skirt is from please?

    • anya

      and also the shirt plz!

      • gogo

        Hi Anya,

        It is a gacha set from Amitomo.
        Amitomo – Always in love 12, 15

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