LOGO - Chelsea Mesh Head

Say hello to my new face!

I’m wearing the free LOGO Chelsea Mesh head from the LOGO 15th anniversary event. I feel like I’ve come full circle with my faces, cos the very first mesh head that I loved was LOGO’s Chloe. Maximillion Grant is an old friend whom I consider to be a pioneer in mesh heads. We’ve come a long way in SL with mesh heads, but I don’t think we have peaked. The latest thing to wow you is just right around the corner.

Being able to recreate my face across different brands is a personal challenge that I enjoy undertaking. I’ve spent hours tweaking this face until it felt like me. I am wearing the new Paulina skin from Pink Fuel, also available at the LOGO anniversary event. Even though this head is Bakes-on-Mesh (BoM), don’t try to wear your old SL skins with it, it doesn’t look as good as you think. I’ve seen many people say, “I am wearing reallyoldskin and it works on this head!”, but it doesn’t, it’s low quality. I recommend buying skins made for the specific head if you want to look amazing.

Check out this quick LOGO Mesh Head clip I put together to show you guys a few of the animations!

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