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Love Momma; Pregnant in Second Life

Love Momma

There’s a baby in there!

The Love Momma body will be released sometime in the future and it will be the first body of its kind where an avatar could experience the entire pregnancy cycle and even give birth to a newborn at the end. How incredible is that? Even if I have no interest in roleplaying a pregnant woman, I can see that this will be huge in Second Life for residents interested in this type of experience.

Love Momma

Check out this video I made of the pregnancy cycle! This body is still under development, so some things could still change in the future. This body right out of the box looks amazing, and similar to other regular bodies that I wear. It can even be worn as a not-pregnant body. I predict that some residents will actually prefer this body as their regular body because it looks great and works with Bakes on Mesh (BoM) skins.

The success of this body will depend on creators making clothes for it, and Zooby knows that. I saw a notice in Second Life inviting creators to make clothes for the body, check it out below:

Please contact your FAVORITE clothing creators! Tell them to MAKE CLOTHING FOR THIS BODY! IT WILL GIVE BIRTH TO A NEWBORN. We launched a demo months early so clothing creators have time to mesh and rig clothing. Clothing creators can get the kit here:

Momma Mesh Clothing Kit

You can try the Love Momma demo at the Zooby store.

Are you interested in experiencing pregnancy in Second Life? Would you try this body? Let me know in the comments!

Love Momma video

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  1. Jammy

    I demoed it today and I do too like the non-pregnant body too! I do hope that others pick up on the body. I love that is BOM ready too!

  2. Lalawillwin

    where do we buy this body?


    I have a question about this body. I’m wondering what all would you need to do the full pregnancy thing? Do you need a talking belly thing? A hud of some kind stuff like that and if we do could you please let me know what all is needed for this. Thank you In advance.

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