Warm & Fuzzy

Hi everyone! Say hello to Pom Pom, my new Fuzzy Pup from Foxwood! She looks like a Golden Doodle, don’t you think? This pet is basic, not animated or scripted, but does come in a variety of poses for you to rez/hold. It’s great for photography!

Warm & Fuzzy

I’m wearing the A Winter Day gacha outfit from Dami. This sweater would have been so much better if the sleeves weren’t ridiculously long. I had to hide my hands entirely for this… and it looks odd.

How do you feel about clothing with built-in hands, hidden hands, posed hands, etc? I tend to avoid them unless it’s “super cute”. Let me know in the comments!

What I’m wearing:
Truth – Serenity + Front Wisps
Dami – A Winter Day (Skirt, Sweater)
Ingenue – Signe Boots

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