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JuicyBomb – Right Water EEP Settings

JuicyBomb - Right Water EEP Settings

Have you ever wanted to reverse the flow of Linden water? How about rotating the water entirely, so that instead of ugly vertical or “sideways” water, you can have nice horizontal waves flowing in and out on your shores. I’ve been playing with this since the summer, and finally, I have something that looks pleasing and it works great with my EEP settings!

What direction does Linden water flow?
Linden water flows from East to West. So if your home is on the East shore, the water flows into the land, and if your home is on the West shore, the water flows out from the land. If you’re unfortunate enough to have homes along the North and South shore, your water is flowing sideways!!

You can change the wave types for years now with Water Normal Maps. Check out this Make a water normal map video by Torley Linden to understand how it works. Tromp Loeil Water Normal Maps are free on the Marketplace, if you want to play around with different wave types. I don’t remember if you can change water direction in Windlight, probably not, cos I have not seen it before.

I didn’t like the water flow on my North and South coast homes, so I rotated Linden Water. I achieved this by applying a normal water map with horizontal waves and changing the direction of the water flow with EEP settings.

JuicyBomb – Right Water EEP Settings includes:
4 types of Right Water presets
for North and South to fix the vertical water in SL. You can apply these settings to yourself or set it at your land! I have also included a bonus Better Day Sky setting to go along with these water presets.

My water presets also have the water flowing in vs flowing out, it’s a personal preference, and it looks better.

Get JuicyBomb – Right Water EEP Settings on the Marketplace.

I did not include water presets for East and West, cos the Linden water is already flowing correctly there.

I wish SL would rotate the default Linden Water Normal Map and offer it as a default preset in the viewer. We have been able to reposition the SL sun to have sunrise and sunset in any direction, so why not change the water flow too?

Are you currently using EEP? Do you want to see more EEP settings from me? Let me know in the comments!

See this EEP setting in action – Watch the Video:

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  1. dojiba

    Does this cause any lag?

    • gogo

      I don’t know. I haven’t noticed anything.

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