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Stiltcation | New Linden Homes Theme, Stilt

(I used JuicyBomb Right Water EEP Settings to rotate the water here.)

Merry Christmas, everyone! I’ve been anticipating the release of Stilt Homes since the preview over six months ago. I’m so happy to be in a Stilt Home now, right on the water. I usually don’t write about themes release too early in the release, but this is my Christmas gift to all of you, my fabulous JuicyBomb readers.

Do you want a Stilt Home? These homes just released on December 23rd, and the regions are still releasing. If you want a prime location on a newly released region, now is the time to grab one from the Land Page. Don’t sit on this! They will sell out eventually. The first batch is released now and the rest in 2021. There are still lots and lots of stilt homes available, including old themes. Now is the time to get the other themes too; you have 5 tries daily, so try it!

Linden Homes

When you’re on the Land Page, select the Stilt home that you want:
Stilt Home on Land
Stilt Home on Water
Stilt Home on Pier

How do you know which type a Stilt house is? Just look at the house.. is it on water? on land? or attached to a pier? My home is considered On Water, but it is very close to the shore, with the road in front, so I made myself a pier.


I had a different type of On Water location in mind when I randomly got this house, but I do like the location so I decided to move in! 🙂

My new Linden Home | Stilt House | Santiago

Here is an artsy photo of the front of the house, which faces the void ocean. I actually like the front door facing the ocean, but many residents want the deck facing the ocean. Remember in a post before, I said don’t trust the VOID EDGE? Yes, don’t trust it. Linden Lab could someday stamp boats out below the region, and destroy the view. It’s good for now, and I will move when the view is gone.

Did you get a Stilt Home? What style are you going for? Let me know in the comments!

What I’m Wearing:
Stealthic – Vesper, Bangs (Blunt B)
Cheezu – Swan Outfit (White)
The Secret Store – Polka Tights
Ingenue – Solvej Boots

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  1. dojiba

    I let go of my houseboat and got a stilt home yesterday morning. I didn’t plan on it, I just sort of got caught up in the excitement! It took three tries to get a location I liked. My house is on the water, but I have a tiny strip of beach with it. Just a flight of stairs to get to the beach. I tried decorating the Lauderdale but it wasn’t coming together to my satisfaction. I rezzed a Tortuga this morning- we’ll see what happens!

  2. Marianne Little

    Hi! I got your water pack “Right water” and I am in love with it. I had a house facing North, and it was perfect there. But now I am in a house facing East, and the water goes “wrong” direction. Oh no! I want to use your water! Can you be so kind and update the pack with the default directions too?

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