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LeLutka Evolution X – Avalon

LeLutka Evolution X - Avalon

It felt like just yesterday that I left Genus behind and made the switch back to LeLutka Fleur, but it has been 10 months since Fleur released, according to my blog history! And now 10 months later, I am making another mesh head change to the latest LeLutka Evolution X Avalon mesh head.

LeLutka Evolution X - Avalon

What is Evolution X? How is it different from Evolution? Will my old skins still work? These are all the questions that I had going into this, and I was very hesitant about yet another update cos that meant leaving behind skins and makeups that are no longer compatible. Read the Lelutka FAQ, it’ll answer questions you may have about the EvoX.
Playing around with makeup layers included with the Jamie skin from Glam Affair.

I found out that you can still wear BoM skins made for Evolution. You can still wear the Evolution appliers too, as long as the fit is good. EvoX is supposed to be higher resolution, but only if the skin is made in the new EvoX custom UV map. For example, the skin I am wearing here is the Jamie skin from Glam Affair, made for regular Evolution mesh heads. Glam Affair seems to have all new skin tones as well! I decided to make the switch from Pink Fuel for awhile until PF releases an EvoX skin. I am still wearing the Pink Fuel (Peach) body skin though, cos I like it best, and it works here.

I can’t wait for skin makers to catch up with the new EvoX line, so we can really experience the power of higher definition. For most SLers, they will barely register the difference between Evo and EvoX, due to lighting/computer settings, etc. Get this head if you like the face, don’t fuss about the new UV so much, and it’s really 90% similar to Evo.

If you want to try the new Lelutka EvoX mesh heads, check it out at Skin Fair 2021. There are already many skins available for EvoX! I took the plunge cos I like new stuff and I like this new Jamie skin, it reminds me a lot of Curio skins by Gala Phoenix from years ago. Don’t you think?

LeLutka Evolution X - Avalon

Will you take the plunge and get a new EvoX mesh head? Let me know in the comments!

What I’m Wearing:
Exile – Thinking About You
Glam Affair – Jamie (Beige) skin
Pink Fuel – Peach BoM body skin
Lelutka Avalon Head
The Secret Store – Kimi Cropped Tank
The Secret Store – Nava Cardigan
The Secret Store – Emily Cuffed Jeans
Ingenue – Aubrey Heels

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  1. pienitinyPieni

    Should have read this before I went.. got another Evolution, did not realise which ones were the X. Sigh. But at least now I know. Great post. I am still going to get one of the x ones. I blog, so I need them, I guess.

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