I have some news to share! As some of you may know, I’m a huge Linden Homes enthusiast. I have had one or a few of each theme type. Since Chalet homes have been released, I can finally tell you guys what has been happening with my Linden homes.

Several weeks ago, I noticed random landscaping objects got returned from my homes, followed by a notification email from Linden Lab. I re-read the covenant and found two rules that may have been ‘broken’:

*Objects that extend outside of your parcel can be returned without warning or notice.
*“Off region” decorations extending from your parcel are not allowed.

As far as I know, I have never done off region decorations, so they may have an issue with some things extending SLIGHTLY outside of the parcel boundaries. The object in question was in no way anchored off the lot, just pushed out a bit so it blended better with the surrounding rocks.

Stay inside the line
Before | After (inside the lines now)

At first, I thought maybe a neighbor was reporting me, but then it started happening at all of my homes like someone planned an orchestrated effort to stalk my homes around Bellisseria. And since my friend Sparkle is my landscaper, she started getting reported too! Sparkle also has a few homes around Bellisseria, and we’re even neighbors in some regions.

Anyway, to make the long story short, I got an interesting email from Prickly Linden, the Accounts Support Specialist at the lab. He said that due to the large number of reports filed against myself and Sparkle, he was assigned to our case(s). He said that the Customer Service team handling the reports always follows the guidelines as it is written, and does not make any judgments. A tree or a rock slightly outside the line is usually not a problem, and should not have been returned in the first place.

“We respond to thousands of reports daily, most of them are legitimate. While Ms. Sparkle’s decor was outside of the parcel boundaries, it was not something that I would have considered to be in violation.”

Prickly Linden

I even asked a neighbor who wishes to remain anonymous, if they found my homes annoying. They said, “Before y’all moved in next door, the person before you had the most horrible colored shell, it was rainbow and full-bright. I don’t have a problem with your beautiful garden, and I don’t see why anybody else would.

After seeing a few of our homes, he said that he liked Sparkle’s work and offered her a contract with Linden Lab. I asked Sparkle if she could reveal what she’s been working on, and she gave me a sneek peek!!
Preview of Sparkle Edition Linden Home Region

“At first I was surprised when I received an email from Linden Lab inviting me to partake in the Core Resident Architectural Project (CRAP), because they had been returning my landscaping around Bellisseria. But then the team lead of CRAP said that my work is exactly what they needed to freshen up the Linden homes. If it hadn’t been for all of the reports filed against me on Bellisseria homes, I would never have such an awesome opportunity!”


Now that Chalet homes are released, Sparkle tells me that her first CRAP assignment is uplifting the inner regions of the newly launched Chalet homes. Due to her passion for creating waterfalls and landscaping existing landmasses, the lab thought it would be a great fit to have her weave around the Chalet landscape and make beautiful spaces that residents can enjoy.

I’m personally excited to see the Sparkle Edition Linden Home Region cos I adore her work, and I know other residents will too!

Have you guys gotten a Chalet? Let me know in the comments what you think of the homes and the landscaping! Also let me know if you would like to live on a Sparkle Edition Linden Home, guaranteed to come with great landscaping.

Also, happy April 1st to everyone! 🙂

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