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Making Campers Great Again

Spring Break, 2021

I use to think that Campers were the worst theme. They only came with half the prims, half the land, and some random claustrophobic horse trailers. But I’ve recently changed my mind about campers… cos Chalet is now the worst theme. I’ll write about Chalets in another post, so let’s turn our attention back to campers.

I’ve had beach campers before, I like them a lot, except they just didn’t seem like a good value. I propose that Second Life create Premium-Lite, for accounts that only hold 512sqm Linden Homes (Campers) and don’t use the rest of the land allotment.

Recently when I got bored and rolled for a camper, I landed on a lovely little beach camper. It has sand, sea, and a little island coast. I’m into it! I might stay awhile. I haven’t decided if this will be a sweets shop or a Glamper (Glam Camper) with chandeliers and pretty lights.

Pro tip: Now is a great time to roll for some fantastic Camper locations, since a lot of them are VACANT.

Do you have a Camper in SL? Do you like it? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Jo Balogh

    I use half of my free land allowance as part of my mainland parcels so I was so happy when the campers were available for 512m. They are really well landscaped and I have a little lake in front of mine. Like most people I use the house- like version and had no trouble staying within the LI limit, even with landscaping around it and a hot tub and deck outside. I have a living room and bedroom inside and it’s really comfortable.

    I have alts with a houseboat and log cabin both of which are very nice but there is nothing wrong with the trailers. I think the Moles did a fabulous job with these.

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