Java Sprockets Coffee House

Hello from the new Java Sprockets Coffee House on Puffin Head! I’m so pleased Linden Lab is going back and revisiting the older regions of Bellisseria. My favorite house is right next door to the Java Sprockets, so I am definitely thrilled by the new coffee house!

When I read about the passing of Ebbe Linden this week, I reflected on all of the past CEOs that Linden Lab has ever had, and he was the most engaging of all of them. A lot of cool projects happened under Ebbe, so I think that the grid will continue forward pretty much the same, as long as the executive team still believes in the same vision.

This is a post I’ve been waiting to write since last year. Last year, being a total Bellisseria enthusiast, I bid on two Relay for Life auctions and won them! I like that the Lab is so involved in Bellisseria and finding ways to engage the residents and hype up the interest. The auctions that I won are:

I’ve always thought it would be great to be able to pick my own last name! I decided to select Aurelia, named after my Linden Home region, Light of Aurelia, and Aurelia is the name of the Moon Jellyfish, the most beautiful Jellyfish in the entire world, the Aurelia Aurita. I’ve seen hundreds of residents rename themselves Aurelia, so it makes me happy that the residents liked something I picked. It’s a lot better than some of the selections out there.

I also named the Bellisseria region after myself, so if you happen to live on Gorgeous Aurelia Beach, I am the mayor. My friends kept asking me if I knew a region was named after me, and I jokingly told them that Linden Lab just named it after their favorite Second Life resident, lol.

I talked to another winner of the same Bellisseria auctions, and she said the last name she picked is Blackwood. So if you are a Blackwood in Second Life, you can thank Leora!

If you want to win similar auctions, attend Relay for Life events, I’m sure there will be more like this. One of the coolest auction I’ve seen was a private island with a Victorian home on Bellisseria, for life.

What I’m Wearing:
Glam Affair – Bibi (Beige)
Donna  Flora – Bouquet (necklace, earrings)
ISON – Puff Sleeve Corset (White)
Dead Doll – Babette Skirt
Hive – Coffee on the go
Ingenue – Aubrey Heels

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