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Back to School

Back to School

Hi everyone! School is back in session! I have always had such a love for school uniforms, and have collected so many over the years. The new Dream Girls Gacha outfit from Cheezu is a must-have! One of my friends played this gacha and sent me the rare outfit, but I would have gone broke trying if she had not.

Truth just released the sweetest Trinket hairstyle that comes with attachable bangs! Truth is having a 50% off sale until August 7th for the entire store. Get this hair, and you can wear the bangs with some of the other hairstyles too. I love bangs!

Back to School

Let’s talk about Izzie’s. This store is the only reason I’m ever happy with my Second Life face. Before Izzie’s came along and brilliantly made fixes for skins, I just dealt with the flaws on skins or begged designers for a fix. Recently I tried on a skin that I loved except it had these crazy lower lip shadows that I could not live with. Izzie just released the BOM Lower Lips Concealer that saves the day! Do you see the difference? Wow!

Lower Lips Concealer!!

I have most of Izzie’s “fixer” products, but these are the ones I highly recommend:

BOM Lower Lips Concealer
Nostril Lightener
Nose Shading Fix
Lips Concealer
Highlight Corrector
Blush/Contour Remover

I’m always wearing some combination of the above on my skin, and layering further with BOM/HD makeups. Sometimes, it feels like my skin is Brand + Izzie’s. Today I’m wearing the new Alba skin from Glam Affair (for LeLutka EvoX). This skin is so pretty, except to me, the brows are too thick, so I just wore different brows with it and piled on a ton of Izzie’s to lighten the nostrils, fix lower lips shading, removed contour, and now I love it.

What I’m Wearing:
Truth – Trinket (Blonde)
Glam Affair – Alba (Beige)
Cheezu – Dream Girls, Shoes
Nuwiggles. Lookbook Prop Box

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  1. Serene Fairey

    I like the crows Feet – Wrinkles. 🙂

  2. STARVED Magic

    I have always love glam affair skins, I have a lot of pink fuel as well, but until she starts making skins for leluka evo x, i have stayed with glam affair. I don’t know if you realized this with the new skin tones that glam affair has come out with but I see a lot of shadow flaws, on the one side of the nose. to much highlight on the face, and last but most important is the cleavages on glam affair skins. Omg.

    I recently messaged Izzie and told her how much I appreciated her fixes, cause without them my glam affair skin wouldn’t look good.

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