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New LeLutka EvoX Head; Gaia

Left: Glam Affair – Miho | Right: Glam Affair – Gaia
Drag the arrows to compare the skins!

Have you seen the new LeLutka EvoX Gaia head? I found this head to be very young-looking compared to Avalon and other heads in the LeLutka lineup. This head is packed with tattoo options to create a fantasy look, or you can wear it as a regular head.

Glam Affair released two new skin for the Gaia head. Drag the arrows on the image above to compare the two skins. I found that the Miho skin is cute but rather flat compared to the Gaia skin. These photos were taken under the exact same lighting, so you can see that the skin texture on Gaia just pops a little more.

I can definitely see this head taking off with the kawaii/teen avatars of Second Life. The head shape and lips shape is beautiful and defined. When I see young avatars in Second Life, they all have this similar chubby-cheeked look that’s very easy to do on this Gaia head. As more skins are released, maybe the head will look more mature, but right now, it’s hard to tell cos these two skins from Glam Affair are very youthful.

New LeLutka EvoX Head; Gaia

What I’m Wearing:
LeLutka Gaia Head
Glam Affair – Gaia Skin, Miho Skin
Truth – Blush
Pixicat – Fiona Dress (PlaidPink)
Mikunch Girls Parade  – Little Bear Bag White
Ingenue – Spellman Heels

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  1. Nayla

    It is indeed VERY young looking. Approximately 8-10 years old. So the image with the thick thighs looked totally off lol, with a childish face and a mature body.

    Both head and skins are very well-made though. I just find it a tad boring that it’s so often that these releases feature childs, tweens or teens. I am youthful IRL and I am young agewise too. Not comfortable walking around in SL in a childish avatar anyway. But that’s probably just because the few times I did I got sexualised. Sigh.

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