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New LeLutka EvoX Head; Halle

New LeLutka EvoX Head; Halle

Could this be the new me? Every time LeLutka drops a new mesh head, I hope that it’s one I can stick to, cos I love change. I feel more flexible when I can make many different versions of myself, to go with any skin. My favorite head right now is the Avalon head, but I’ve worn that for a while now and I think I’m ready for a change. The last mesh head release, Gaia, was a bit too youthful for me, but I still thought that the head shape was very pretty. I probably could have made it work, with a few more shape tweaks.

What makes you in SL? I’ve tried to answer this question a few dozen times over the years. Your face is made up of 3 essential components – the mesh head, the skin, and the shape. You can then add finishing touches to that with makeups and lashes, etc. This is why I have so many different faces combos, cos my face is just not made up of one element, but when all 3 works together, then I love it.

Halle and Inez are two new mesh heads from LeLutka. I briefly tried on Inez, and she seems more angular if you like that look.

What I’m Wearing:
LeLutka – Halle Mesh Head
Glam Affair – Mea (Lelutka EvoX) Beige C
Truth – Adore
Pixicat – Miranda Dress (TartanRed)

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  1. Sarina

    You did a great job on this head. I love the skin but not finding the “Mea” skin/Glam Affair. Anywhere! Is it not out yet?

  2. Luciérnaga Patagónica

    I think the face is the most important!

    My main and first avie has my system/legacy head. Many would think it is awful to still wear it, and not use commercial mesh, but it is me. No mesh head is me. I can’t twitch those sliders enough and still is not me (and many of them are disabled or almost work by design) The mesh body I was happily ready to change.. I always hated that system/legacy body.. but I’m not in love with the body either.. It is the one every shop owner has clothes and accessories for, that’s the reason I bought it, no more no less.

    But I do have like 2 or 3 avies that do have mesh heads.
    The first mesh head I bought was one that I really loved because it has really unique features that I didn’t saw on the market, and until this day still don’t: Alura from Fiore.
    Some time later they stopped making mesh heads and gave them for free. Sadly, I wasn’t inworld at that time. It was a loss in many ways.
    I still use it for my japanese avie and not even at the time I bought it I saw people wearing it, most certainly not now. I feel unique and beautiful when I use it, even tho it has many flaws (out of the box) and it is outdated…

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