New Year, New Moves

Let’s wrap up 2021 with a bang! I’m making a huge change to my avatar… can you guess what it is?

It all started with the Shop & Hop AO gift from Body Language by Sweet Lovely Cute. Shop & Hop ends in a few days, so be sure to visit for some amazing gifts. I picked up this free gift AO and noticed that it’s so much cuter than the one I’m currently wearing. The fingers are bento animated and add a subtle realism to your avatar. I used finger poses in static poses for photography, but it didn’t occur to me that my AO is outdated and could be so much better. I haven’t assembled myself an entirely new AO since 2011 ?. I liked the SLC gift so much that I took advantage of the sale and bought myself a bunch of new poses for my AO.

When assembling yourself a new AO, determine which HUD you will make it in. You can use any HUD that is based on the ZHAO system, the basic concept of updating the notecard and filling the HUD with your poses has never changed. If you use Firestorm, there is a built-in AO button that you can add to your viewer and simply drag the AO notecard into the AO tab or drag the poses into their correct slots. If you make an AO HUD, you can use it on any viewer. But I’ve heard that it reduces lag and is convenient to have an AO tab, the way Firestorm does it. Why doesn’t the official Second Life viewer have this feature? Moving is so basic, and without it, your avatar does not come to life. If you use Firestorm, check out Rosie Helendale’s AO tutorial.

My glittery outfit today is courtesy of Alaskametro’s Candy Cane Hunt. This hunt was extremely hard; I could not have completed this without my friends helping me LOL!! If you have some time to kill and want a sparkling new year outfit, check it out.

How do you move? Do you assemble your own AO or use a store-bought one with all of the animations already loaded? When was the last time that you updated your AO? Let me know in the comments!

What I’m Wearing:
LeLutka – Kaya Mesh Head
Glam Affair – Mea (Lelutka EvoX) Beige C
Alaskametro – Brandy minidress (gold glitter)
Alaskametro – Roxanne high heels (gold)
Zenith – Winter Cutie Earmuffs (Gold)
Stealthic – Darling hair

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