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Who touched me?

Who touched me?

This weekend I felt inspired by the new Moss&Mink Aeryn Kitchen, so I started to decorate one of my Linden Homes. I started arranging the kitchen pieces, then logged off to run some errands. When I came back to the house, someone had opened all of the cabinets and appliance doors. It’s okay to touch/inspect an object for the creator’s name, but not okay to repeatedly annoy.

A few months ago, my friends Fiona and Alana were targeted by someone who kept touching their stuff, changing textures, turning things on and leaving doors wide open. I found a script on Marketplace that tells when someone touches an object and relays the information to the owner via IM. Well, the script worked perfectly, and my friends discovered that the serial toucher is none other than their next-door neighbor. Get the $1L touch me script here. You can get scripts fancier than this on the Marketplace, just search for “touch me script” and you can even get ones that play a sound when someone touches your things. I’m using this $10L Who Touched Me! script, which does the same thing.

“It takes a long time to decorate and it is a real PITA to have to reset textures and close doors all the time. It was irritating so I went out and got the “Tells Owner Who Touches” script and got emails with the person’s name.”


After I closed all of the doors in my kitchen and installed the touch-me script, I logged off. The next day, I got a long list in my offline of someone touching my things, and all of the doors are opened again. This is the ONLY person that touched my kitchen. I looked around my house and discovered that this person has a house on the region next door, and is also the person who touched Fiona and Alana’s stuff. I decided to leave their name out, cos I didn’t want to provoke someone with a mental illness. This person is clearly a fan of Linden Homes since they have homes all over Bellisseria. They’re our neighbors. And they’re a serial toucher.

Who touched me?
Named removed cos I’m nice.

If you decide to install the touch me script in your objects, know that it can increase li (prims). Also, sometimes people touch to inspect creator’s name and go shopping, they’re not necessarily touching your items be annoying.

“Everytime I went to my home, my lights were off, my shower door open and my candles snuffed!”


So here’s my kitchen, my work in progress. I have only started on this home, and I really like the new kitchen set from Moss&Mink, but it seriously needs an Access script to restrict serial touchers from messing with the settings.

Who touched me?

Have you ever encountered serial touchers in Second Life? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Betth

    Oh, thanks for sharing this! It’s happened to me also when I had a Linden Home in Belli – Glibson region. Each day for a week, I’d login to find that two cabinets had the drawers opened. I decided to remove the cabinets. Sure could have used this then. Haven’t had it happen during the past year with a Linden Home log cabin.

    • Zen

      It happened to me at my SL home a few years ago. The fireplace was being turned on/off while I was in the same room. Creepy. This normally happened when multiple people were on the sim (private island, not mainland), so there were multiple “suspects”. Then one day it happened when there were only two of us on the island. Bingo! I asked for suggestions in a couple of groups as to how to handle this, and several people said to just block the individual. I did so, as well as banning them from my parcel. Problem solved.

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