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Hello from Aurelias! I just want to thank all of the visitors for your sweet comments about the region and for submitting your photos to the Aurelias Flickr group. There’s a rush in Second Life to immediately go from Christmas/Winter to Spring. We’re taking our time on Aurelias and thawing out slowly! We already planning for Spring, but I just love the snow so much that it’s going to linger through March.


My outfit is a mix of old and new items. Exile just released this pretty hairstyle called Emma, and I can’t get enough of the bangs! A great hairstyle that you can wear headbands with is also so rare, and this one fits perfectly.


My friend Frick sent me a bundle of Winter Pugs from Foxwood. I love pets in all worlds, so this is perfect! This is my first boy dog, and his name is Pouts. Do you collect pets in Second Life? Let me know in the comments!

What I’m Wearing:
Exile – Emma
Toksik – Usagi Headband (Type B)
Euthanasia – Blanca Dress (White)
Dust Bunny – Lunch Break (Coffee Sling)
Yummy – Candy Bear Pearl Necklace
KC Couture – Oasis Heels

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  1. meta angel

    I don’y have any pets irl but I always wanted a pug! So precious. I have a couple in SL but I rarely use them.

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