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Hair alpha glitch

Kuni hair alpha glitch

Is this driving anybody else crazy? Certain hair brands in Second Life have horrible alpha glitch issues! As you can see from my photo above, the glitch is unavoidable, unless Second Life and/or the creators figure out a fix. I don’t have this problem with all hair brands, just some.

Top: Hair alpha glitch with LeLutka HD brows on
Right: Hair alpha glitch with alpha lashes (HD brows removed)
Bottom: Hair is away from my face so it’s not caused by ‘intersecting’ prims

I always wear the LeLutka HD brows, and the alpha glitch causes the HD brows layer to disappear. Then my friend told me to take off HD brows, which I reluctantly did cos I love HD brows, and the hair still glitches with my alpha lashes! OH MY GOD.

Then she said I should move the hair/bangs away from my face, but it is not anywhere near my face.

This past weekend, I stumbled upon the Kuni hair sale and bought everything without demo’ing. BIG MISTAKE. The hair glitch is driving me insane and they’re unusable to me. I’m not willing to fix these alpha glitches in post-processing.

Can designers or Second Life fix this? Is this alpha glitch preventing you from enjoying some hairstyles in SL? Let me know in the comments!

UPDATE! There is a fix!

Kuni hair. alpha fix

Fabulous blog reader Gabi Fitzgerald left me a tip in the comments…

“I can usually fix this glitch when the hair has an on/off button for materials on the HUD. I just turn it off and back on.” -Gabi

This tip works! I will try this with different hairs now. Do you know about this tip? I have never heard of this before. This saves me tons of frustrations. I guess this tip only works when the hair HUD has materials on/off button. So be on the lookout for that!

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  1. C

    It’s amazing how this is still a problem after all these years. I’m still praying for a fix somehow.

    • gogo


  2. colleen Criss

    Same !

  3. Dojiba Sabra

    Some hair designers have no idea how much business they have lost because of this. I won’t buy a hair unless the bangs are optional.

  4. Kissy Pearl

    I always demo hair, I refuse to buy hair that glitches the brows and eyelashes, it drives me nuts! I wish someone would fix it ….

  5. Gabi Fitzgerald

    Hi, Gogo!
    I can usually fix this glitch when the hair has an on/off button for materials on the HUD. I just turn it off and back on.
    Here some exemples with Kuni hair:
    Then i turned materials off and on:
    I hope it works for you and you can use them.

    • gogo

      Gabi, this works! HOLY CRAP you’ve saved me.

  6. Jade Mercedez


  7. lunas heartsong

    i find that doux hair causes this problem but i just go into edit mode and click it and it is gone…i love doux hair….

  8. Katsumi

    Another thing you can do is change the haircolor. I tested this with my hair from eXxEsS, and it worked. Used to be, I could just zoom out and back in and the alpha would be fixed. But that’s stopped working since Firestorm’s latest update. But toggling the hair-color seems to fix it.

    My only hangup is, does it only fix it on my local end, or for everyone? Because if it only works for me, it might defeat the purpose from an aesthetic perspective…

    They really need to fix this.

    • gogo

      I’ve wondered the same thing.

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