Mardi Gras, Aurelias

Happy Mardi Gras! It’s a party in the town square at Aurelias. The region is decked out in shades of green, purple, and gold to celebrate. As always, thanks to Sparkle for making the festivities happen!

Juicy and I are wearing matching dresses from Alaskametro’s (St. Patrick’s Day hunt). I’m pairing my dress with this cute $10L mardi gras beads necklace I found on Marketplace.

I’ve just read the most shocking news from Linden Lab – United States residents will be taxed. If you pay tier and premium membership, be prepared to see sales tax reflected after March 31st. This tax burden will affect ALL U.S.-based residents who pay for land in Second Life. If you rent on a private estate owned by a U.S. resident, you’ll see land prices go up soon. How this affects Second Life residents has yet to be seen. The reason they’re phasing it in is to gauge the effect on the SL economy with this new tax burden. I’ve been talking about it with some friends and we’re all trimming unnecessary landholdings.

Will this affect your spending in Second Life? Let me know in the comments!

What I’m Wearing:
Exile – Riley
Alaskametro – Brandy minidress (Emerald Glitter)
SB – Mardi Gras Beads

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