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Ahh….To Be an SL Noob Again


Hello Second Life! Elle Couerblanc here, renoobed and restyled. It’s been about 5 years maybe (??) since I did any sort of Second Life blogging, photos and well anything besides decorating whatever house I am living in at the moment. Overall, I have been really gone, except for log in spurts here and there, for about four years. But something about SL has intrigued me this time around.

For the moment, all I can say is WOWSA – Second Life has really changed. Windlight is gone and now replaced by EEP. The days of spending half of my Second life log in time trying to dress my avatar is gone. And let’s talk about BOM: THIS CRAP IS AMAZEBALLS.

Sadly, though I am still in big time learning mode. I discovered the other day that all my poses are pretty much out of date, and I am barely figuring out this new, uh, EEP, BEEP or whatever it is called. I used to be a pro at creating my own Windlight settings. But so far, EEP is just giving me a headache.


So, with all this being said, I guess what I am trying to say is please try and be patient with poor little Elle. My pictures may be less than what I hoped for, my poses may look like my arms are tied to my body and the EEP, JEEP settings – let’s not even go there…yet.

Anywho, this is a fashion blog so let’s talk fashion, shall we? At this current point in time, Elle is dressed as a schoolgirl holding a Sundae. And what of it, people???Yeah, it might be a bit too young for my old ass. BUT SCREW IT – this is second life and Elle is my dress up doll and I am having fun again.

In closing I have to say this, THANK GOD that Second Life is still a haven for wearers of bootie shorts and half tops. At least some things never change.

Ciao for Now,

Elle Couerblanc

DeeTaleZ Skin Salma for LELEVOX
Lelutka EvoX KAYA 3.1
[LEGACY] Meshbody Special Edition
Hair: tram L0408 hair (Collabor88)

Cheap Makeup – Aurelia Spring Blossom Eye Makeup (Aurelias Spring Market)
Cheap Makeup – Spring Blossom Blush peach (Aurelias Spring Market)

cheezu. kei school dress (The Fifty)
Luxuria – Winter 22 Knit Thigh Highs – pale rosette
[Gos] Eva Combat Boots – Black (Fameshed)

(Yummy) Heart Choker Hoop (The Fifty)
Astralia – Tennis Racket Bag (The Fifty)
[Cinoe] Wizard’s treasure – Small drop Ring (The Fifty)
[Cinoe] Wizard’s treasure – Square drop Ring (The Fifty)
Schadenfreude Neapolitan Bunny Parfait (Aurelias Spring Market)

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  1. Gillian Waldman

    Love catching up on your return to SL. I also returned (a while ago now) and it took me a long while to figure out wtf. WB!

    • Elle Couerblanc

      Thanks Gillian! It’s been a super fun adventure so far.

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