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Meta Acquires Second Life from Linden Lab


After months of discussions, Mark Zuckerberg and the Meta team have determined that Second Life is the true metaverse. They have now completed negotiations with Linden Lab for the acquisition of Second Life, and the transition is currently in the works.

“This transition will take place over the next few months, and we will do everything we can to make it as smooth as possible. Don’t be alarmed if you notice your legs disappearing; this is a new user function.”

Half Linden

Conquerors have amassed land and power on the battlefield throughout history. For the metaverse, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Meta, and Philip Rosedale, the founder of Linden Lab, will compete in a boxing match to see who can have the weirdest hair in the metaverse. In addition to getting the hairstyle, the winner will be able to decide whether or not avatars will have legs.

In keeping with Second Life’s philanthropic traditions, Relay For Life has announced that they will hold an auction for a virtual date with the winner. The American Cancer Society will receive all of the proceeds and use them to purchase wigs for patients.

We contacted Mark Zuckerberg and asked, “What can people do on a date with you, Mark?” “Anything from the waist up, obviously,” he said. Philip Rosedale could not be reached for comment because he is currently training for his boxing match in a remote area. His team stated that he was motivated.

If you’re wondering what the future holds for Second Life with this acquisition, look no further than your legs.

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  1. Shakti Adored

    So just confirming..this is a joke right?

    • Oliver Rowley

      Thankfully yep. Happy April fools!

    • Tomas McConaught

      I will laugh as soon as my heart starts up again!

    • Queen

      Right… They need to say…. APRIL FOOLS RIGHT NOW!!!!

    • Debra R Rymer

      A really shitty joke that unfortunately is still being spread as a panicky rumor. This “Joke” nearly had me delete every one of my accounts and my accounts are 18 years old. Destroy everything I ever made or bult. Become disassociated from ALL of my SL friends. So a really crappy “Joke.”

      • Mr Bodash

        No, it’s a good April Fools joke. Deleting your accounts as a knee-jerk reaction to the article without getting additional information and verification first, plus a few days to mull it over would be a ‘really crappy decision’. Don’t blame other people for your own poorly thought out reactions.

        • Ani McGarr

          Well said.

        • Dori

          Right along with their inability to take a joke. SMH, breathe a sigh of relief knowing it’s a joke and move on.

  2. Sparky

    This better not be true

  3. Janderson

    Shit got me. Thought I was going to loose my virtual porn game to Facebook.

    • River

      The accuracy!

    • Queen


    • edward hyde

      You thought it was going to run around facebook without control?…..
      Or did you mean lose?

  4. Lauren Carver

    Whew! Thank goodness

  5. Big D VanMas

    Oh my God! That had me scared. I love Second Life and Meta would kill Second Life if it got ahold of it. The freedom to be who you are,do what you want , and say what you feel would be stripped from the Second Life users and what makes Second Life special would be gone.

  6. Damien

    I’m glad this is a joke, I was about to lose my shit on top of the horrible day I had today.

    • Tanya

      I was thinking the same. I hope tomorrow brings a better day for you.

    • Debra R Rymer

      My mother is dying. I haven’t had sex with my partner for 2 weeks. We were dancing in sL when a “Friend” texted me this as if it were 100% true and I lost my sex night. So this joke? Fucking sucked and I got neither fucking nor sucking. Shitty idea for a joke.

  7. Ginkus Habilis

    Almost had me until I read the quote from Half Linden. But blood pressure is still elevated

  8. Mimi Pinkdot

    I really thought I was going to have to deactivate my account, but NOT before removing my payment details, my contact information and THEN SOME lmao. BAD JUICY! lolol Got us good.

  9. Event Horizon

    Jeez, I was already calculating how much time/mo eyes I will have wasted because if this Was true I’d be out there in a nano second!

  10. Brian Allen

    Best April Fools prank ever

  11. Tracy Olmstead

    Not funny, kinda is but thank you no.

  12. Tess C

    This made me absolutely sick to my stomach. If Zuckerberg had taken this over, I would have quit SL TODAY!!!!

    • Seawater McMahon

      I got sick to my stomach too. Not because of the fb guy but Lindens selling out.

      • Fangy

        Linden is sold anyway way before this prank 🤣 how u feeling now? 🧐☺️

  13. Justin Shearl

    I’m glad this was a joke, I thought I was about to lose all my gear etc Id built. And what would I do with my boots if they got rid of legs? ?

  14. Nazaire Dragonash

    There’s two parts to this. The loss of our legs, and meta taking over SL. They did not specify which part was the April fool’s joke.

    • Seven C

      Both are. “Meta avatars” do have not legs. So the joke is Meta is buying SL and as a result avatars will no longer have legs.

  15. Rob Santana

    oh…. FB knows how to manage servers this would have been awesome.

    • Brian

      You have managed to find the one and only bright side to something g like this

  16. Kathleen Franz

    Hysterical!! Lol!

  17. John

    I have no legs and this is distressing

    Not really, I have legs and I’m fine with it.. mostly

  18. CursesCo

    I am reading this on April 2nd and was about to wake up my husband out of outrage.

    • Siuvhne

      Ditto. Actually I DID wake up my husband …. Go back to bed now hunny bunny.

  19. Brick Masters (geniusmike resident)

    OMG just having dinner, it’s 4/2 and I only just saw this, not realizing it was from 4/1. I just about had a heart attack. Like most of you I have thousands of dollars invested in SL, and SL is my sanctuary from RL stress from my career. I put in around 1k US a month in SL and I have amassed an inventory of the creme de la creme items, now almost 600k items…. Honestly, I would drop dead if this was real lol! Now I can stop chugging the Mylanta now that it’s a verified joke. O…..M…..G….. Hehehehe

    • Velvet darkheart

      I’m with everyone else I liked to died I read this 3times before I saw the April fools thing I didn’t see it till 4/2- I would have been gone from there too and I think I would get ptsd and sever withdraws from not having sl in my daily activities

    • Elisa (elisagarcia93)

      I feel the same way Brick I was browing the net and found this article and later to find out it really is a joke

  20. nestorin

    “Meta” has not experiencia into metaverse. Thats becouse they have just half body and half brain.

  21. Linda

    Of course it’s April fool’s. Why would meta want to buy an outdated flat screen social game for boomers..

  22. Lisa Buttmonkey

    Looool omg you got us! I’m in bed with a fever (therefore loopy-brained) and my husband just told me about your post…on the 8TH of april! ??? I was ‘ready’ to close our venue and drop our sim., until I checked the date. ??? Lesson I hopefully learned—hubby is easily duped. Cheers!

  23. Nora

    Yeah I was about to freak the fuck out too. LoL I’m glad I read to the end. Whew

  24. VegaBanks

    Omg I thought this was real for a second lol. I was about to be so disappointed.

  25. Anya Moore

    Here it’s middle of October 2022, and this headline is still at the top of search engine results spreading the false information that Meta bought Second Life. Not exactly the best April Fool’s joke.

  26. Nicole Danielle Tarbuck

    Thank God this was just a joke. I damn near vomited when I had the momentary thought that Captain Censorship and his ban on free speech or certain topics was going to take over one of the few cool places left to us in regard to being social virtually. Meta is pure garbage, and has shit all over the fun cool place that Facebook used to be. Now a days you can’t speak the truth, stand up to assholes, make jokes, or even have an opinion, without some karen crying and getting a Facebook ban because supposedly that makes you a bully. Give me a fucking break!

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