Elle is finding her way again in Second Life. Yes, I am referring to my avatar in third person because in reality, she is not me. I got a lot of flack in the past how I used to write in third person when I used to blog as Lizzie Lexington. People, literally, called me crazy.

I hadn’t thought about how people reacted to Lizzie’s blog in a very long time until I came across a Second Life Video Blogger/Streamer by the name of Meela Vanderbuilt. Originally I went to her site to watch one of her videos reviewing a few Mesh bodies from earlier this year. Eventually another one of her videos titled, The TRUTH About Second Life – 2022, caught my eye.

What really struck me about Meela is that she seems to view her avatars in many ways as I do – she does not identify her avatar as “her real life self” or emotionally invest herself in the existence of a particular avatar. In fact, she had a conversation in the “Truth about Second Life” video with another resident who expressed similar thoughts about the relationship with his own avatar. I couldn’t help but think where were these Second Life residents twelve years ago!! Maybe they would have understood what I was doing with my blog and why I wrote in the third person!


Okay back to the topic of avatar/real-life separation: For me, this separation of self from avatar is probably one of the reasons why Elle’s overall look is very, very fluid. Right now as an Elf, she looks almost cartoonish – she is still cute BUT cartoonish. When Elle is a human avatar, she is more realistic in her facial features and body proportions. Although, even as a human, her skin tone, hair color, etc. are subject to change. Yeah, I know, lots of blah blah above. I am sure some of your are thinking “what the hell does all of this have to do with fashion, LOL. What I am trying to say is that I view this introspection about a damn avatar as part of a process in discovering who am “I” in SL and what direction creatively do “I” want to go in Second Life.

Now, what did all of the above help me discover? Well, friends, let me tell ya! If anyone reads my posts as of late, I am sure you are well aware of my sadness in how I perceive the current state of SL fashion when it comes to clothing choices. The majority of pieces I am seeing as new releases are bikini tops and booty shorts. Now, if that’s how you like to dress your avatar in SL, you are probably very happy with the choices out there for you. ALSO, I am not saying there is anything “wrong” with a desire to dress your avatar in this manner – it’s just not for me. You do you, boo….you do you!

So with this all being said, I have decided to focus on the things I love about Second Life Fashion as it stands right now:

  • Skin
  • Accessories
  • Makeup and other body adornments such as tattoos

Of course I am going to throw in the pretty picture now and then – but for the most part, Elle is going to be seen from the waist up. Also, I am going to be selective about what designers I am going to blog. I am not going to blog a skin just for the sake of a blog post. So if all you see from me in terms of skin is DeeTalez, then it would be very easy to assume that I LOOOOOOVE Deetalez!

Oh and by the way, the skin in this post is in fact DeeTalez – her new release called “Hope” which I have chosen to feature on the Lelutka mesh head “Prim”. The earrings are from e.marie and the neck adornment is from The Forge. Furthermore, let us not forget the face and arm tatoos which are from a new to me store called Stardust. By the way, the Stardust creator is a real doll and that should be reason enough to shop at her establishment!

Any who, that’s all I got. Ciao for now Friends, and have a great Second Life


Elle Couerblanc

[BODY] Legacy Special Edition
Head Lelutka EvoX PRIM
Skin – DeeTaleZ Skin Hope for LELEVOX / BROWS
Brows – SOMEONE – Spock Brows – Dark Blonde
DeeTaleZ MU Dimples / Folds for LELUTKA EVOX/ LIGHT
Wasabi // Kaja Hair

Makeup & Tattoos
DeeTaleZ Makeup SPRING Sunkissed for LELU EVOX/ 50%/ LIGHT
DeeTaleZ Makeup SPRING Freckles Nose for LELU EVOX/ LIGHT
DeeTaleZ Makeup Dimples / Folds for LELUTKA EVOX/ LIGHT/Hope Add on Pack
DeeTaleZ Lips (tint) Hope for EvoX/Shade2 (Nordic)/Hope Add on Pack
Face Tattoo – Stardust – Lydia – EvoX Black Tattoo Right 75%
Arm Tattoos – Stardust – Lorene – Black Tattoo 100%
Jack Spoon. Sylvie Eyeshadow (c6) Evo X
Jack Spoon.La Boheme Lip Oil (3) EvoX

neve dress – annika Legacy (Fameshed)

[The Forge] Feather Collar (Fameshed)
e.marie // Avonlea Earrings (Fameshed)

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