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“Hi All,” says Elle Couerblanc’s Typist. “This time tomorrow I will be on a grand adventure to the Great State of Florida! But before I go I had to make one post of our girl, Elle Couerblanc, in the latest release from Deetalez called Fanny. “Doesn’t Elle look so cute,” she continues with a heavy sigh, “plus, over the weekend, Elle went a shoppin’ to all the various events on the grid, and boy does she have a lot to say…


Okay back to normal blog speak folks! It’s been years since Elle dipped her toes into the Role Play ocean and her typist just felt like creating a ridiculously long paragraph about absolutely nothing. But I digress……Say what was I talking about? Oh Deetalez, and yes, EVENTS!

Don’t get me wrong I do love events but sometimes they are just so….aggravating. Why you might ask? Well, lemme tell ya. So let’s use Fameshed as an example of a good event. Now before you get your panties all in a wad, when I say “good” I mean is it easy to navigate, am I able to cam the area with the greatest of ease, etc and so on. With Fameshed, my answer is an emphatic YES. Now, before I jump into my oh, so very important and I am sure what will be my widely read opinion, let’s take a quick commercial break to talk about Elle’s little look today.

<Insert cheezy commercial music now> Sadly, my friends, RL limits my time in SL and I generally do most of my shopping on the weekends. This last weekend I pretty much hit every single event out there: Collabor88, Equal10, Level, Anthem, and a few more my wee brain can’t remember. Most of my selections in today’s look came from Collabor88 and Equal10: My dress is from Tres Blah, my earrings are from e.marie, my super cute pink hair is from tram, and my rings are from Yummy! Everything on Elle is so yummy, don’t you think??? <end commercial music now>

Okay back to my event rant. So yeah, I did a lot of shopping over the weekend and what I wish more Event Planners would do is emulate how Fameshed structures their booths. What I mean is theirs booths are set up in…OMG…ALPHABETICAL ORDER! FFS, why can’t all the events be this way? I am sure some planners are thinking “oh we do that to FORCE people to look at all the stuff”. Well, whatever – I am sure most people troll Seraphim looking for what they want from the event anyhow; and will quickly zoom their cam past what they don’t want.

So in closing, please event manager, help us make our lives (and our Slives) a bit easier. ALPHABETIZE your SHIITE!

Oh, and I also bought the new Ebody Reborn body so that I too can have JUICY BOOBs. But the feet and hands are kind of weird…I will say more after I get back from Vacay. Stay tuned!!!

Hugs and Stuff,

Elle Couerblanc

REBORN by eBODY v1.69.3
/ HEAD / lel EvoX AVALON 3.1
IKON Legend Eyes (BOM) – Hazel
DeeTaleZ Skin Fanny for LELEVOX / BROWS: black/ Nordic
tram L0708 hair1

Makeup & Tattoos
(NO) Nylon Outfitters Spring Flowers Tattoo – Sleeve/Chest/Back – Color
DeeTaleZ Lips (tint) Fanny for EvoX/Shade2 (Nordic)
DeeTaleZ Makeup Realface for LELU EVOX/ 50% / Light Skin
DeeTaleZ Makeup Cheekbones for LELU EVOX/ 25% / Light Skin
WarPaint* Devotee eyeshadow [LeL EvoX] – matcha

Tres Blah – Picnic Dress – Lavender (Collabor88)

e.marie // Jennie Earrings – Golds
(Yummy) Dainty Layered Necklace
(Yummy) Oceana Ring Collection (Collabor88)

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  1. Lysi3000

    I agree about Reborn’s fingers being weird. This body is built expressly for people who want thicker avis, but the fingers are definitely not thicc girl fingers. These are the fingers of the 10% body fat type. Then again, this body is also aimed at fantasy rather than realism, so maybe thicc/fat chicks want the long elegant fingers they can’t have if they’re thicc/fat in RL?

    • Elle Couerblanc

      Thanks Lysi for your comment!

      After looking at the hands they are a bit flat in some way – definitely not realistic. Hopefully, the creators will look into updating the hands.

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