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eBody Reborn w/ Juicy Boobs

Aurelias Garden
Photo taken at Aurelias

Is something different about me today? Am I looking more well-endowed than usual? You may have noticed these Juicy Boobs making an appearance on the grid lately. I was intrigued by the name’s similarity to JuicyBomb* (my brand), so I decided to investigate.

*JuicyBomb has no affiliation with Juicy Boobs, but if they want to give me 10%, I’m in!

I haven’t changed my body in years because a body isn’t that important to me. I dress it up in clothes and keep it mostly covered up. To see what all the fuss was about, I wanted to try the Reborn body by eBody while wearing the Juicy Boobs body mod. If you want Juicy Boobs you can ONLY get them by wearing the Reborn body. There are a few other mesh brands out there doing different breast modifications, but they’re usually brand-specific. I had never tried on an eBody before, so I was curious about the brand and its products.

Through my research, I learned that eBody is created and managed by a team of people. I joined their Discord channel because I prefer to follow brands on Discord rather than join in-world groups. I noticed they had a thriving membership and an active team responding to customers.

eBody Reborn w/ Juicy Boobs

I opened the Reborn body package without reading the instructions and began wearing it. The HUD is simple to use and resembles other body HUDs, so there is no learning curve. I like how this HUD includes custom neck sizes for popular mesh heads (LeLutka), so my head and body fit together perfectly. After I finished experimenting with the customization options, I didn’t notice a significant difference between this body and my previous body. Most Second Life bodies once dressed up, are unremarkable. This could easily be my new body because it checks all of my boxes.

eBody Reborn w/ Juicy Boobs

I am pleased that my Pink Fuel body skin (BOM) seems to fit okay here, even though it was made for Maitreya. This body is designed for a curvy girl. If that’s not you, you’ll be spending a lot of time adjusting the sliders to slim down your body. I did it by nearly zeroing out most of the main sliders, but my butt was still too big. The Reborn body does come with a butt deformer, but I didn’t notice a significant decrease. I’d heard about third-party deformers, so I went looking for something to make my butt flatter. Not surprisingly, the majority of the deformers are designed to make things bigger, not smaller. I discovered a few deformers for flatter butt, but they didn’t work on eBody.

I searched my inventory and found that I already had a lot of Reborn clothing! Thank god for designers, for doing a lot of hard work to support multiple bodies on the grid. My only wish for brands is to be consistent with naming clothing for the body – for example, Reborn Juicy Boobs vs JuicyBoobs vs JuicyB. Let’s make it easy for customers and have all brands just pick one way to name Reborn items, and stick to it!

eBody Reborn w/ Juicy Boobs
Reborn w/ Juicy Boobs vs. Reborn

So you’re probably wondering what the big deal is about big boobs? We’ve had them forever in Second Life! Take a look at the Juicy Boobs mod close-up! It’s noticeably popping out of the top and eye-catching. If boobs are your thing, I think this mod is an interesting take on being well-endowed in Second Life without being huge. I think a slim avatar could still wear them and look well-balanced.

eBody Reborn w/ Juicy Boobs
Spaghetti arms – am I too thin?

One difference between this body and my other one is that the arms do look a bit like spaghetti arms. I wonder if this is because I chose to be a slimmer avatar (remember, I had to zero out most of the sliders to achieve a slim look), so the slim arms just look a little flat. That’s really my only gripe about this body, cos I like to pose with my arms expressively and hold things, it’s very noticeable when the arms are bent. I also noticed the fingers aren’t as slender, which is important to me cos I guess I notice my hands a lot.

Now that I’ve had the opportunity to wear the Reborn body, I believe it is poised to capture a large market share on the grid, as long as they continue to develop and update the body, as well as address minor aesthetic issues. I’m hoping to get an update to fix my spaghetti arms.

Have you tried the Reborn body? Let me know in the comments if you wear this as your main body, and what you like about it.

What I’m Wearing:
eBody – Reborn w/ Juicy Boobs
Monso – Anto Hair
Zenith – Claire Dress
Tentacio – Marina Bag
Yummy – Candy Bear Pearl Necklace
Exile – Billie
Ricielli – Leona Shorts, Loena Belt/Bag
KC – Oasis Heels

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  1. Elle Couerblanc

    Great review as always!

    I agree with you about the arms and also the hands – they need some serious work. There is also something about the feet that really bothers me too. I need to look at them more to be able to describe exactly what that is though.

    I don’t think you have a Legacy body, but in comparing Reborn to Legacy, I found the Reborn Legs are just not up to snuff. In fact, I want to say I had the dreaded “cankles”. I have the same gripe though about Maitreya’s Legs as well. Overall I think Reborns’ legs are better than Maitreya but Legacy trumps Reborn with their legs any day.


  2. Bekks

    How did you make her butt smaller? I want to use this body but not with a huge butt.

    • gogo

      I used the sliders and made the butt 0, I think.

  3. BlushingBrat

    I went from Maitreya to Legacy and recently to Reborn. I like curves and oh man Reborn is definitely for curves but it’s a LOT. I keep my butt at zero and use a provided deformer just to be content with it. I love the juicy boobs but without a top on, the boobs are NOT pleasing to look at so I rarely wear the add-on. It’s kind of sad really. The knees and legs don’t bother me as long as the knee fix is worn and i found a deformer that makes the nipples point outward instead of towards the ceiling. I just hate that I had to give up 90% of my inventory because none of it was for reborn. LOL

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